Cannabis and hip-hop have been tied together for eons, and now rappers have a chance to bank on it. Here's how legalization is helping the movement.

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Hip-hop and cannabis have been much intertwined for decades past.

Whether it’s in music videos or lyrics, smoking weed is heavily represented in hip-hop culture.

This marriage has now increased since the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in multiple states.  

Just how has legalization helped the hip-hop and cannabis collaboration? Read on!

How Rappers Are Modernizing Hip-Hop and Cannabis

Several highly successful rappers have opted to delve into the cannabis industry by investing in everything from the production of signature strains to marketing paraphernalia.

This decision to move their investments in the cannabis direction is not surprising given their familiarity with the product as well as their ability to leverage their personal brand to push sales.

One example of this is the known rapper, cannabis dispensary owner and cultivator Berner. There are a number of others who are also influencing the industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest rap names well affiliated with cannabis and hip-hop.

4 Rappers Raising the Roof on the Cannabis Industry

Snoop Dogg

Besides probably being one of the biggest rap names in the business, Snoop is highly diversified and sophisticated in investments within the cannabis industry. And this goes way beyond his own brand.

This includes collaborating with independent growers to develop signature strains as well as co-founding the cannabis-focused digital media company, Merry Jane, in 2015.

By: Jørund Føreland Pedersen

Merry Jane has now gone further by launching a global ad agency, Gram by Gram. This comes almost a year after Snoop’s venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital, secured $45 million from investors.

The firm has invested in over eight cannabis companies including a recent boost to California based Indose. Indose focuses its business on providing precision dosing solutions.

Along with his newfound business partner, Martha Stewart, Snoop bounces from jumping into the cannabis edible market to co-hosting a “Potluck Dinner Party” TV show. 

Wiz Khalifa

A well-known marijuana user, Wiz Khalifa has claimed to have previously spent as much as $10,000 a month on the habit.

Now thanks to having Colorado’s RiverRock Cannabis help develop his strain, dubbed Khalifa Kush, he has his very own free supply. 

Currently doing well in the American market, Khalifa has partnered with Supreme Cannabis Co. Inc. to market his popular brand in Canada, which recently legalized marijuana for recreational use.

This is in addition to another partnership with RAW Rolling Papers to provide a slew of branded smoking accessories to the market.

The rapper has also invested in a mobile gaming app called Weed Farm. It is a fun and educative game that offers in-app purchases for both Apple and Android users.  


A member of the legendary Cypress Hill rap group, B-Real was not as quick to jump on the cannabis bandwagon. In more recent years, however, he has managed to make a name for himself in the business.

He recently opened a dispensary named after one of his most famous cannabis-themed songs, Dr. Greenthumb.

B-Real has also developed several strains under the Greenthumb Farms brand. These flowers and concentrates are seeing increasing popularity and are offered alongside other cannabis offerings from fellow hip-hop artists.

Following a trip to Amsterdam, B-Real was inspired to set up Phuncky Feel Tips, a line of glass tips that are used to make smoking joints easier.


With a net worth of over $1 billion, Jay Z is set to become a major player in the industry.

To start, he recently became chief brand strategist at Caliva. Caliva is a California based cannabis firm with over 200 dispensaries and one of the largest indoor cultivation facilities in the state. 

Jay-Z’s role will focus on helping the previously incarcerated benefit from the legalization of marijuana through social outreach.

This goes hand-in-hand with his efforts as co-founder of the criminal justice reform organization, REFORM Alliance.

REFORM is focused on bringing about changes in probation and parole policies that have unfairly affected millions of people that lack the resources to fight an unjust system.

B-Real’s Dr. Greenthumbs

To Roll This Up

Hip-hop and cannabis continue to keep their close ties even in today’s modern industry.

Now that a number of rappers are able to commercialize their branding and enthusiasm about cannabis, we’re certainly interested in seeing what hip-hop and cannabis evolve into.

What’s your favourite hip-hop and cannabis collaboration?