Are you looking for a fun way to expand your knowledge about cannabis? This article dives deeper into the world of 420Libs by Jorie Henrickson and what it's all about.

I came across Jorie Henrickson’s 420Libs on Twitter. As a writer and a lover of both words and cannabis, I’ve been enthralled ever since.

We were lucky enough to be awarded a couple copies of the 420Libs cannabis book by Jorie herself! It certainly takes the idea of Mad Libs ‘higher’.

Are you looking for a fun way to expand your knowledge about cannabis? Do you love combining cannabis and the English language? Are you looking for a gift for the nerdy cannabis enthusiast?

This article dives deeper into the world of 420Libs by Jorie Henrickson and what it’s all about.

420Libs cannabis book on display with The High Blog business card
420Libs by Jorie Henrickson ©TheHighBlog

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What are 420Libs?

420Libs invites readers to “pack a bowl, fill in the blanks and laugh!”. It takes on the same premise of Mad Libs with a cannabis twist.

What are Mad Libs? Well, according to Wikipedia, “Mad Libs is a phrasal template word game where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story”.

“420Libs books are for cannabis-friendly people with a good sense of humour.” Jorie Henricks (Creator of 420Libs)

Invented in the late ’50s, Mad Libs are often used as a party game or fun pastime. Players will usually fill in the blanks with things like nouns, adverbs, and adjectives to make up the story. The zaniest or most creative stories usually come out on top.

420Libs offers the same kind of fun and creativity with cannabis.

Henrickson’s inspiration for wordy cannabis games

Henrickson uses her past experience writing for the cannabis industry to help create stories and ideas for 420Libs.

Her experience in the cannabis industry goes from “seed to sale” and includes agriculture, extraction and retail.

“Of course it all goes back to Mad Libs, the original fill-in-the-blank stories. And I grew up reading The Onion, which fosters a sense of satire.” Jorie Henrickson (Creator of 420Libs)

Jorie Henrickson and the 420Libs cannabis book business edition
Courtesy: Jorie Henrickson

Her experience in writing school curriculums for kindergarten to twelfth grade at the University of California also comes into play in creating these cannabis-friendly word games.

“Humor can help kids learn, so I taught grammar with silly fill-in-the-blank worksheets. Kids loved them! And their parents did too.” Jorie Henrickson (Creator of 420Libs)

Henrickson bases her stories on both her experiences and cannabis news, and are then tested along with friends and strangers.

Learning about the cannabis industry through word games

Henrickson has two 420Libs books under her belt with more in the works! In fact, she’s on track to release a new book every couple of months.

Each one seems to have a theme, allowing readers to learn about different aspects of the industry while having fun.

Her first book, “420Libs Mixed Bag Edition“, includes a variety of topics from cannabis history to how-tos, while her second edition “420Libs: Business Edition” focuses more on cannabis commerce.

Table of contents on the 420Libs cannabis book
420Libs by Jorie Henrickson ©TheHighBlog

Henrickson has even included generators on the 420Libs website, helping readers to come up with fun words for the book!

“While testing 420Libs I noticed that some people could use inspiration. Like, the nouns “table” and “dog” only take you so far. Why not try “a glass of Flint water” or “a bag of trim?” The word generators can be useful whether you’re stoned or not.” Jorie Henrickson (Creator of 420Libs)

What’s in store for Jorie Henrickson and 420Libs

With a “420Libs Holidaze Edition” set for release in October 2019, there’s no sign of Henrickson letting up.

“Future titles are under wraps. Let’s just say that 420Libs can be fun $5 gifts for the holidays!” Jorie Henrickson (Creator of 420Libs)

When she’s not connecting her experience in the cannabis industry to 420Libs, she’s probably whipping up some creative projects about the industry based on her experiences.

Henrickson has also teamed up with an award-winning cannabis chemist and other industry experts for cannabis business consulting. (Did I also mention she’s a hoot on Twitter?).

Writing in the 420Libs cannabis book by Jorie Henrickson
420Libs by Jorie Henrickson ©TheHighBlog

To Roll This Up

All editions of 420Libs are easily available on Amazon, while 420Libs Mixed Bag Edition is also available at Bookshop Santa Cruz.

If you’d like to feature 420Libs in your business (or just really like the idea), Henrickson also offers 420Libs on wholesale.

What do you think about 420Libs? Would you add it to your book collection?