Exercising self-care with cannabis can really amp up your relaxation and zen time. Read on for 8 easy routines you can try at home today!

Self-care has become a trending topic for good reason. Neglecting our own minds and bodies can do a number on our overall health.

Adding self-care routines to your life is certainly beneficial, but exercising self-care with cannabis can be especially rewarding.

This article will tell you the benefits of adding cannabis to your self-care routine, and easy ways to do just that. Read on!

self care with cannabis helps you breathe

How is Practicing Self-Care with Cannabis Beneficial?

Cannabis is known for doing a number of amazing things from curing migraines, to beating anxiety.

Cannabis is also largely known for its relaxing qualities. While some strains can be super energizing, some strains are perfect for chilling out and getting in some solid self-care.

With the right strain, cannabis can help to relax and ease both your mind and muscles. It can also help to get you in a creative space to forget about the troubles of the day.

It’s best to have your favourite relaxing strains handy for this one. Both “sativa” and “indica” strains can offer up relaxing qualities.

Be sure to do your research and ask questions to figure out the best relaxing cannabis strains for you.

8 Ways to Practice Self-Care with Cannabis

Self-Care With Cannabis In Bathtub

While the following ideas are great for exercising self-care without cannabis, adding the plant into the mix can up your relaxation session even further.

Practicing self-care with cannabis is kind of like adding a glass of wine to the side of your bathtub.

Speaking of bathtubs, let’s dive into our first self-care with cannabis routine.

Exercise Self-Care with Cannabis and Make It a Spa Day (Your Bathtub Counts)

Cannabis is a great addition to any spa day.

Whether it’s a Scandinavian spa with saunas and water to relax in, or an hour-long massage at a day spa, practicing self-care with cannabis at the spa can have you achieving maximum relaxation.

Since most spas are quiet-zones, you won’t have to worry too much about interactions from other guests to ruin your vibe.

And since they’re meant to indulge in relaxation, they’re often the perfect place to have an edible, or a quick session beforehand.

DIY Cannabis Spa Say

If you’re on a budget though, there’s no reason you can’t have a spa day at home on your own.

Fill up your bathtub and add some extras like bubbles and salts to really hit that bathtime zen. There are even cannabis bath bombs that are perfect for this scenario.

Calming music (or your favourite playlist), masks, and candles are all great additions to your DIY spa day. And the best part? You can smoke or vaporizer as you wish.

Get Zen with Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are considered two of the best things for relaxing and tapping into some self-care.

However, practicing self-care with cannabis while including yoga and meditation can allow you to really connect with the process.

It’s easy to become distracted from meditation and yoga when your mind is running, no matter how much these activities are supposed to help.

Self-Care with Cannabis Yoga Routine

Adding cannabis helps you relax quicker and easier, loosening up both your mind and body so you can really get in tune with your routine.

It can also energize you, but those energizing strains are better paired with an energizing yoga session.

You can choose to do yoga and meditation at home, or depending on your location, you can opt for a yoga and cannabis session.

Practice Self-Care with Cannabis at Tea Time

Amp up your relaxation at tea-time by introducing cannabis into the mix.

Teas like chamomile, green tea, and lavender are great for winding down after a long day, and it’s super easy to add cannabis to boost their calming qualities.

There are a number of methods to make cannabis tea, but it’s actually easier than you think. Depending on your method, it can take as little as twenty minutes.

You can use both cannabis flower and decarboxylated weed, and there’s room to get super creative too.

Cannabis With Self-Care at Tea-Time

You can easily swap out teas for other yummy beverages like hot chocolate, fruity milk teas, and even apple cider.

Looking for healthier ways to consume cannabis like the one above? Read more here.

Make Yourself an Infused Treat

Speaking of infused beverages, infused meals are also great for practicing self-care with cannabis.

Throwing on some music and cooking up a delicious meal has always been one of my favourite things to lift my mood and give myself some self-care.

Adding cannabis is a fun way to experiment, learn, and add that extra relaxing quality to your spread. There are so many creations to try from savoury to sweet and snacks too!

Here are some recipes to kick-start your appetite.

Indulge in Cannabis-Infused Products

Since we’re on the infusion path, why not further indulge in cannabis-infused products that you don’t have to make yourself?

Since legalization, there are a number of cannabis-infused products that have been popping up from drinks to topicals.

Self Care With Cannabis Routines

Cannabis-infused wellness products are all the rage and are great for adding the plant to your self-care routine. You can use these without consuming cannabis, so if you rather stay sober, these items are for you.

Choose from creations like lotions, balms, and even bath products to help you relax. These topical items are commonly infused with CBD to help with muscle relaxation.

And, if you’re looking to relax in the bedroom, there are products for that too!

Get in Tune with Nature

Practicing self-care with cannabis on a hike or camping is a great way to really ease into nature.

There’s a reason the two are often associated; some cannabis users often find it easier to relax and embrace their natural surroundings making a joint, edibles, or even a vaporizer a great outdoor companion.

Whether you’re off in the woods, beach, or mountains, your environment becomes so much more relaxing and cannabis will give you a great boost of tranquillity.

Exercising Self-Care with Cannabis to Get Creative

Weed and creativity are known for going hand-in-hand, and getting creative is a great way to practice self-care with cannabis.

There are a number of ways to get creative from painting to dancing, and there are a number of cannabis strains to match the mood.

Self-Care With Cannabis and Painting

Art is wonderful for getting in tune with yourself. You can express some pent up emotion through a drawing, or lull your mind with a guitar melody.

Adding cannabis to this routine allows you to relax and focus on your creation without getting too caught up in your head.

When All Else Fails … Netflix

There are some days where you just don’t have the effort to attempt any sort of self-care routine, and that’s okay.

Putting up your feet and throwing on a movie or your favourite show is just as important if it helps you unwind. And when you can’t sit long enough, a relaxing cannabis strain is a great help.

Self-Care With Cannabis Watching Netflix

Using cannabis for self-care when watching a movie is also great for artsy films and of course, comedic tv-shows and movies.

If you’re adding cannabis with self-care in this one, be sure to grab your favourite snacks and beverages too!

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To Roll This Up

While the activities above are great for getting some time to yourself and practicing self-care, adding cannabis to your self-care routine can really amplify your relaxation.

As always, be responsible when it comes to dosing, especially in public, and you’re sure to come out of these routines feeling a bit more at bliss.

What are your favourite ways to practice self-care with cannabis?