While our other suggestions are grand, this cannabis gift guide is dedicated to those of us on a budget. Cannabis and edibles aside, what else can you find for under $50? Let these cheap cannabis gifts be of some inspiration.

While our recent cannabis gif ideas catered to both smokers and non-smokers, this cheap cannabis gift guide is going out to those ballin’ on a budget!

Whether the season already has you broke, or you’re just watching your dollar (like most of us are), here are some cheap cannabis gifts that are sure to please.

Cheap cannabis gifts that look expensive

A Christmas present representing a cheap cannabis gift

While cannabis and cannabis products are great gifts on their own, here are some other unique ideas that are sure to spread the holiday cheer.

Cheap cannabis gifts under $50

We’re capping this list at $50 so you can get through the holiday season with some cash to spare.

Earth Kisses Sky Pain & Inflammation Salve

This quick-acting, soothing pain salve from Earth Kisses Sky (EKS) can be used with or without cannabis added.

While this brand makes it easy to “just add oil”, the all-natural remedy is perfect for those with achy joints and muscles thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The EKS Pain & Inflammation Salve feels luxurious for the price, and it comes packaged in a cute little jar that’s perfect for gift-giving. It’s easy to work into the skin with little effort, leaving no sticky residue behind.

EKS Pain & Inflammation Salve as a cheap cannabis gift idea
Earth Kisses Sky Pain & Inflammation Salve

Personal Air Filter by Eco Four Twenty

Know someone still using a cardboard sploof to filter out cannabis smoke? Upgrade their accessories with the Eco Four Twenty Personal Air Filter.

This sleek, modern device is small but handy. Designed to include a two-stage, medical-grade filter system, this Personal Air Filter is crafted with discretion in mind.

This device is built-to-last, made out of aircraft-grade aluminum metal. And while each Personal Air Filter lasts about 500 exhales, you can easily buy replacement filters for an equally affordable price.

HighOnLove Lip Gloss for Couples

I’m in love with the HighOnLove line, and you can give a partner or friend a taste of it with the HighOnLove Lip Gloss for Couples.

Made out of hempseed oil sans chemicals, the Lip Gloss for Couples is sure to add an extra kick to foreplay or bedroom romps for a small price.

Packaged in a sleek pink box, this cheap cannabis gift can be super discreet if you want it to be; but believe me, it will be hard not to blab about its benefits.

HighOnLove Lip Gloss for Couples on a blanket and sheets.
HighOnLove Lip Gloss for Couples

Cheap cannabis gifts under $20

If $20-50 dollars is still pushing it, don’t worry; we’ve got even more awesome cheap cannabis gift ideas for you below.

Hush-Kush Pouch

If you’re looking for something unique, eco-friendly, and incredibly chic, look no further than the Hush-Kush pouch. It might be included in this cheap cannabis gift guide but it’s definitely not cheaply made.

Created in Montreal by Karine and Héloïse, these convenient bags are waterproof, smell-proof and UV proof. Not only that, but they’re beautifully designed and handcrafted, available in a variety of themes.

Using their exclusive Perma-B technology, Hush-Kush pouches are truly unique, making it a steal for the price!

The bags can easily fit a number of joints and dried flower and I often carry it when I’m heading out for a sesh with friends.

A hush-kush pouch representing cheap cannabis gift ideas
Hush-Kush “Henna’s One Love”
Courtesy: Hush-Kush

Luky8 Cannabis Odor Remover

While candles and diffusers are a popular holiday gift, why not make it a little more personal? New Brunswick’s Luky8 has you covered with their line of “cannabis odor removers“.

Designed specifically for removing the smell of cannabis smoke in an area, Luky8 has everything from candles, sprays, and portable items that are perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers.

We’ve used some Luky8 items during a move and on trips, and I do enjoy these over perfumey air fresheners and overwhelming candles.

420 Libs cannabis book

Ignite a bit of cannabis humour in someone’s life with the 420 Libs cannabis book. I came across these mad lib game books by chance, and as a lover of words and cannabis, I’m still thrilled about them.

Created by industry expert Jorie Henrickson, 420 Libs is crafted after the mad libs we know and love, with the twist of cannabis.

While the “Holidaze Edition” is super fitting, for the price, you can bundle the Mixed Bag and Business Edition for extended holiday fun.

420 Libs on desk with pen and papers
420 Libs Mixed Bag Edition

Rowll Rolling Kit

If you’ve got a few dollars to spare and literally no idea what to get a fellow cannabis user, you can rarely go wrong with rolling papers (unless they’re a non-smoker).

While classic choices like Raw and O.C.B. are popular, why not up the ante with a Rowll Rolling Kit. Each all-in-one kit includes a space to store and grind your dry herb as well as filters.

These vegan papers are made with eco-friendly materials and make great stocking stuffers, or to include with a card as an extra little gift!

Rowll rolling kit on display as a cheap cannabis gift ideas
Rowll Rolling Kit

To roll this up

For all my frugal shoppers, budget ballers, or those living a simpler life, if you’re worried about showing up empty-handed over the holidays, hopefully, this list has helped you out.

Happy holidays.