Its officially the holiday season! If you're looking for some up-to-date gifts in the cannabis world, these cannabis gifts will aid in getting those big smiles during the season.

‘Tis the season for gift-giving. And, fortunately, the 2019 holiday season is the perfect time to check out some modernized cannabis gifts for you or a lucky someone.

If you’re shopping for cannabis gifts, you don’t have to be limited to boring pipes and vaporizers. With the help of legalization and some amazing cannabis brands, you can be a little more creative.

5 modern cannabis gifts worth some wrapping paper

Looking for some cannabis gifts that pack an oomph when unwrapped? Contemporary cannabis tools and products are a great way to impress both newbies and veterans.

Below are some of our favourite modern cannabis gifts we came across this year.

The Prism by BRNT Designs

Ceramic pipes come in all shapes and sizes, but the Prism by BRNT Designs is quite the showstopper. To start, its intricate design is inspired by Jenny Holzer’s neo-conceptual LED art and includes glazed Canadian clay.

While some pipes can be underwhelming, this one certainly packs a punch without taking away the pipe’s quick ease of use. Speaking of easy, this ceramic pipe is a breeze to own thanks to how simple maintenance is.

As a bonus, this is the perfect pipe to keep on display, whether you’re using it or not. The light catches it and it almost twinkles on any shelf, table or platform.

It comes in an equally modern cylinder box, that’s almost too perfect for cannabis gifts.

The Prism by BRNT Designs

The Ember by Prrl Labs

Not only does this dry-herb and concentrate vaporizer look stylish on display, but it packs a punch too.

The Ember by Prrl Labs comes in two pieces, crafted out of locally sourced materials from Oregon that gives it a fashionable look and exceptional taste.

With a small learning curve, using this is actually quite natural. And while it’s pretty portable and durable, it’s also super fun to use too.

It has minimal maintenance and packs a tasty puff. If you’re looking for a new style of vaporizer to add a touch of class to your stash, this is it.

Vaporizer cannabis gifts
The Ember by Prrl Labs

Personal Air Filter by Eco Four Twenty

Gone are the days of ugly sploofs made out of old toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets. Michael Ghazal from Eco Four Twenty has elevated cannabis tools for the better with the Personal Air Filter.

Encased in aircraft-grade aluminum, this sleek device holds a two-stage medical-grade filter system that helps to keep your sessions discreet.

Best used with a pipe or vaporizer, the Personal Air Filter lasts for about two to three months. After that, you can simply replace the filters!

To make your shopping easy, Eco Four Twenty offers a Personal Air Filter with a replacement cartridge in a convenient gift set.

personal air filter cannabis gifts
EcoFourTwenty Personal Air Filter

TR4Y by Goodwood Cannabis

If you’re looking for something, simple, stylish and backed with good intentions, look no further than a Goodwood TR4Y.

Most cannabis users would benefit from a rolling tray, but Goodwood Cannabis goes above and beyond by making a simple accessory a special one.

Handcrafted in Canada’s Niagara region, the TR4Y sits beautifully on any coffee table whether you use it or not. But it definitely looks a little more stunning with some greenery thrown onto the wood.

As a bonus, if your giftee cares about our earth, they’ll be happy to know this cannabis gift includes the planting of four trees. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

wood cannabis gifts
Goodwood TR4Y

Cannabis DNA Test by Endocanna Health

If you really want to think outside of the box, you might want to consider adding a cannabis DNA test to your cannabis gifts list.

DNA tests have been a hot topic for some time and many people have used them for finding out more about their heritage and genetics. Now you can use a DNA test specifically for cannabis. Len May from Endocanna Health introduced the Advanced Endocannabinoid DNA Test.

Testers will get specific product recommendations, dosage suggestions, and side-effects to watch for based on your genetic makeup.

Endocanna Health also makes it possible to transfer data from ancestry websites to gather results. This way, if you’ve had a DNA test before, there’s no need to do it all over again.

Swabs to be used with modern cannabis gifts like DNA tests

To roll this up

This little list of cannabis gifts should make it easy to finish off your holiday shopping. While you can stick with the mediocre staples, these ideas should add a 2019 spin to the usual suspects.

If not, stay tuned for some more unique gifts!

Happy holidays.