Innovative ideas in cannabis are all abuzz in Montreal, and these two enthusiasts are changing the world of accessories and tourism.

This article is part TWO of a two-part series about cannabis lifestyle in Montreal. Click here to start from the beginning.

Cannabis in Montreal: A Lifestyle

As I mentioned in part one of this series, Montreal has always been a cannabis-friendly city.

While the province has laws that might make you think otherwise, there is definitely still a cannabis culture in Montreal.

That said, cannabis in Montreal is much more than park sessions; for some, it’s a business.

Looking at Art While Smoking Cannabis in Montreal

Is There Space for Cannabis in Montreal Businesses?

While weed in Montreal has caused different people from a variety of backgrounds to get involved with canna-business, Quebec cannabis companies face a number of concerns since legalization.

From advertising and marketing to legal risks, cannabis businesses in Montreal can be dealing with an uphill battle. But that doesn’t stop them!

Joining our two Montreal innovators from part one are two enthusiasts adding some flair to weed in Montreal.

Meet Sheena from The High and Mighty

Who said your typical cannabis accessories had to be ordinary?

Sheena Lee and The High and Mighty team started the accessory line ‘Rolling Picks’ in 2017 bringing some colour and style to cannabis.

These handcrafted picks first made their debut on Etsy, and the business has been ‘rolling’ ever since.

Accessories for Cannabis in Montreal
Courtesy: The High and Mighty

So why The High and Mighty? I’ll let Sheena tell you:

“I wanted to choose a name that would fit with what we stood for and wanted for the future of cannabis and its medical and recreational users – the notion that you can be both a marijuana user, and a successful, productive member of society. You can be High and Mighty.” Sheena (The High and Mighty)

Frustrated by a market filled with poorly designed accessories, The High and Mighty aims to create well-crafted products that fit into the stoner-chic lifestyle.

Colourful Stuff for Mighty Stoners

With a team made up of family, each rolling pick is made by hand, taking about thirty-five minutes in total. The designs are then created in-house before being cut out by hand.

In a world where cannabis is still stigmatized, The High and Mighty has had nothing but great reception from family and friends.

“We have had a tremendous amount of support from our friends and family — so much so that they are the people who make up our team! We’ve also been privileged to meet a lot of supportive people in the cannabis community in Montreal and surrounding areas.” Sheena (The High and Mighty)

High and Mighty Rolling Picks for Cannabis in Montreal
Courtesy: The High and Mighty

A graphic designer by day, Sheena and her team have no typical routine. Made up of Sheena’s husband, parents, and BFF, The High and Mighty work hard as a team, but fortunately, they like spending time together.

“We get together when we’re preparing for events, launching new products, or taking photos, and those days are filled with arts and crafts, snacks, joints, and laughs!” Sheena (The High and Mighty)

The Future of High & Mighty

The High and Mighty have shipped their rolling picks to most of the United States along with Canada.

While their bestsellers have been Halloween Monster Picks and glittery Unicorn picks, they have much more in store.

“We just created a new kind of design for Rolling Picks that we think is going to be really fantastic! We’re also just about to launch a new collection of patches, which should be available before the end of the month. Keep an eye out for some fun and colorful stickers too!” Sheena (The High & Mighty)

Company supports cannabis in Montreal with patches
Courtesy: The High and Mighty

Where to Buy The High and Mighty Rolling Picks

If you want to get your hands on these gorgeous picks from The High and Mighty, they’re available at some local head shops, or you can head right over to their Etsy shop.

Meet Alexis from MTL 420 Tours

Wouldn’t all tours be better with weed in Montreal? Well, the guys behind MTL 420 Tours have a solution.

Alexis Turcotte-Noël has studied tourism forever, working in the industry as a travel guide. When he saw legalization coming, he decided to use his knowledge about the tourism industry and jump on the opportunity to start a business in his field.

Smoking cannabis in Montreal on a rooftop

MTL 420 Tours offers cannabis-friendly guided tours including culinary, beer, and street-art themed tours around Montreal.

The goal is the same as other tourism companies, to highlight what a city has to offer. The only difference here is that cannabis is welcomed.

“My philosophy may not be the same as others, but people will not come from NYC or wherever to come to Quebec to smoke cannabis. They can do that at home – they come for the festivals, the life, for the street art, the food.” Alexis (MTL 420 Tours)

Answering the Need for Travellers Who Enjoy Cannabis in Montreal

While MTL 420 Tours supports the use of cannabis, it isn’t all about smoking weed.

Alexis has tourism experience in Canada, the US, and overseas. He uses his expertise to curate ‘highly’ informational tours around Montreal.

This isn’t the time to try cannabis though. Usual guests on this tour are regular or experienced smokers who are looking for an inclusive way to see the city.

“If it’s your first time smoking, this isn’t for you. If it’s your first time, you don’t want to feel obligated or feel the need to fit in with a group; you want to be nice at home and relaxed.” Alexis (MTL 420 Tours)

Alexis explains that legalization has made a market for cannabis tourism, and he’s simply answering the call.

Since cannabis is legal in Canada, people visiting the city will want to smoke it. MTL 420 Tours provides an environment where they can.

MTL 420 Tours Combines Tours and Cannabis in Montreal
Courtesy: MTL 420 Tours

Along with sharing information about the city, you’ll learn all about cannabis in Montreal, including where to buy it and where you can smoke.

It’s not just about smoking and getting high. We can do all of our tours without weed. It’s like bring-your-own-wine except with weed.Alexis (MTL 420 Tours)

They also offer a Montreal 420 Welcome Package. This includes picking guests up from the airport and ensuring they get their cannabis and supplies before settling into the city.

“When peoeple are coming to the Jazz Festival for two days, they dont want to be stuck in a line for half the day. That’s why we offer this welcoming experience.” Alexis (MTL 420 Tours)

The Future of MTL 420 Tours

Right now, MTL 420 Tours offers three experiences running in 2019. That said, Alexis has a ton of plans he’s conjuring up.

While he’d love to bring his cannabis tours around the world to places like India, Alexis has a number of ways to make things in Montreal even more exciting for his guests. He’s thinking about cultural tours, fishing guides and beyond.

“I have so many contacts in tourism I can pretty much make personalized experiences. We can have guides with helicopters or we can go far away with a guide.” Alexis (MTL 420 Tours)

Two People Using Cannabis in Montreal on a MTL 420 Tour
Courtesy: MTL 420 Tours

Where to Book Montreal Tours with Cannabis in Montreal

You can book a tour with MTL 420 Tours through their website.

To Roll This Up

It’s clear businesses that involve cannabis in Montreal are working hard to influence the modern cannabis industry.

The High Blog is honoured to have featured some amazing locals in cannabis and we can’t wait to see how these ventures grow.

Who else will join them? Stay tuned! We’ll let you know!

This article is part TWO of a two-part series about cannabis lifestyle in Montreal. Click here to start from the beginning.