This unique and luxurious design from Prrl Labs is simply divine! Read The Ember review for all the details on this convection vaporizer.

If you’re making the switch to a vaporizer, you might want to give The Ember by Prrl Labs a try.

Josh Winicki (one of two founders from Prrl Labs) was awesome enough to send us The Ember to try out.

Using this vaporizer is a lot more familiar than you think. It blasted us away with its quality. As a bonus, it looks luxurious and eye-catching.

“Unlike the Vapor Brothers or the Volcano, [The Ember] has two pieces. I feel like you’re much more connected to the actual flower that way.” Josh Winicki (Founder: Prrl Labs)

Read on for our experience with The Ember to see if it’s worthy of your sessions.

The Ember by Prrl Labs in its box
The Ember by Prrl Labs

About the Ember Vaporizer

The Ember by Prrl Labs comes fresh out of Oregan from the minds of Mark Lewis and Josh Winicki.

Disappointed by many of the popular vaporizers on the market, Mark and Josh set their minds on something ‘higher’.

Using Lewis’ former training as an Aerospace Engineer, they set themselves on quite the creative and technical journey.

“We were inspired by wanting to have a healthier way to use cannabis and consume it – and we were very frustrated with the portable vaporizers available.” Josh Winicki (Founder: Prrl Labs)

After two years of research, trials, and a number of models later), they ended up with the current version of The Ember.

How Does It Work?

The Ember by Prrl Labs functions in two parts using a pipe and the vaporizer.

“We are bringing a brand new way of flower vaping that is oddly familiar,” Josh said when he initially described the product.

His description clicked when I sat there, pipe in hand, vaporizer in the other while first heating up my bowl.

Basically, it’s pretty similar to packing and lighting a pipe. The only difference is that the vaporizer takes the place of the lighter.

The Ember by Prrl Labs Vaporizer and Pipe
The Ember by Prrl Labs

Instead of combusting your weed, it uses convection heating to vaporize cannabis. Which in turn, is a healthier alternative to smoking weed.

Looking for more healthy ways to use cannabis? Read some here.

A double-tap on the vaporizer automatically runs a thirty-second cycle. You’ll need to do a pre-heat cycle beforehand, then you can vaporize as usual.

The Ember can be used with both dry herb and concentrates.

The Ember by Prrl Labs Vaporizer Review

Now that you know more about what The Ember is all about, let’s dive into our experience using it.

First Impressions

The Ember arrived in a box similar to a smartphone. Black, compact and sleek with just the company logo as decor.

Upon unboxing, the sleek battery pack and wooden features were attractive and inviting straight away.

The battery does have some weightiness but the wooden Ember and pipe are incredibly lightweight.

The pipe is made with Brazilian hardwood and the Ember is crafted using dark walnut all locally sourced in Oregon.

The Ember by Prrl Labs is also entirely safe to use. Ensuring they were creating a safe device was of utmost importance to Mark and Josh.

“We use this old recipe to seal the wood, using sugar. The parts where air is entering your body are all sealed.” Josh Winicki (Founder: Prrl Labs)

The Ember by Prrl Labs Box Contents
The Ember by Prrl Labs box contents.

What’s Included

You’ll have everything you need to get going straight out of the box.

The Ember by Prrl Labs includes:

  • The battery: the battery used with The Ember is Joyetech’s Cuboid Mini.
  • The Ember: this is the atomizer crafted by Prrl Labs made with wood, a glass chimney, and a quartz screen.
  • Pipe: high-quality classic wooden pipe. Sleek and clean equipped with a screen.
  • BudTender: handy packing and mixing tool made with a wooden handle to match.
  • A USB charging cable: micro USB.
  • 4 extra screens (Josh also included an extra concentrate pad for us to try)
  • Instruction guide
  • Quick-start guide
  • 2 Prrl Labs stickers

“Before we had a stainless steel screen which meant less of a preheat but less distribution. We played with several different designs for the element before deciding on quartz.” Josh Winicki (Founder: Prrl Labs)

What We Liked About The Ember by Prrl Labs

Packs Awesome Flavour

Thanks to the wooden pipe, you’ll get some amazing flavour using The Ember by Prrl Labs. This was one of the very first things we noticed when using this vaporizer.

The Ember by Prrl Labs Parts
The Ember by Prrl Labs quick guide.

The first few puffs are enough to make you feel like you’re sipping on candy. As your session continues, the flavour goes from light and aromatic to full and robust.

If I’m choosing smoking tools based on flavour, I’ll likely reach for The Ember with its pipe.

Super Easy to Clean

This has to be the easiest vaporizer to clean. There’s little to no cleaning or maintenance when it comes to The Ember by Prrl Labs.

The kit comes with five screens in total that sits perfectly in the pipe. And with the screens, all it takes is a quick wipe after you’ve dumped your ABV (already been vaped).

When you remove the screen, it’s easy to do a deep clean thanks to the size of the bowl and the wood used. This thing is a breeze for those that have zero time to spend cleaning their devices.

Easy to Pack

Speaking of its bowl size, it also makes it super easy to pack (dose/fill with cannabis).

The Ember by Prrl Labs pipe.

You won’t have to wait for your vaporizer to pre-heat before you pack it. You also won’t have to try to get your bud into a teeny hole. It’s quick, easy and painless.

Very Luxurious Design

There’s no doubt that The Ember by Prrl Labs is great to look at. Every time I break it out I get some interest. The Brazilian hardwood and dark walnut are gorgeous together.

There’s something lush and luxurious about having a session with The Ember. It certainly adds some more class to cannabis tools.

This is a vaporizer you can always keep out on display, and I’m sure it’ll be a great conversation starter too.


While The Ember comes with a lovely pipe that works amazingly together, it can also do so much more.

Not only can you use The Ember with other bowl pieces on pipes and bongs, but Prrl Labs has plans for some more attachments too.

And while it’s great with flower, it’s easy to have a session with concentrates by using a concentrate pad. Simply crank up the vaporizer to about 30 and proceed as usual.

The Ember by Prrl Labs Atomizer part
The Ember by Prrl Labs pipe.

Super Fun to Use (and packs a punch)

While it’s easy to use, it’s actually quite enjoyable too! I honestly look forward to using The Ember at the end of a long day.

While you can easily alter the experience to each user, for those veteran smokers, it definitely packs a punch. You can also get big hauls with huge clouds when using The Ember by Prrl Labs.

In fact, a number of people (even us here at THB) mention that this might help them make the full switch to vaporizing. Even tobacco smokers were fond of it.

Portable and Durable

Prrl Labs is also releasing a carrying case soon to help make the device more portable.

In the meantime, Josh threw in a similar carrying case for The Ember and it surely adds to its portability.

The Ember by Prrl Labs case.

Mark likes to use it at home and have it on display, but Josh has had no problems taking it camping or hiking.

I’ve recently taken The Ember on a picnic in the carrying case and it fits in my backpack/purse no problem. I was easily able to tuck my stash pouch in the carrying case as well.

As a bonus, it seems pretty durable too!

I did a drop test; not intentionally. I was out walking the dog and saw the most beautiful sunset off in the corner. When I ran to see it, it dropped out of my pocket but it didn’t break […] and I still use it regardless of it being a way older model.” Josh Winicki (Founder: Prrl Labs)

Things to Watch Out For

As with most products, there are always a few things to watch out for. Don’t worry; we got you.

Learning Curve

While the motions are familiar, there is a small learning curve that might come with using The Ember by Prrl Labs.

Most portable vaporizers pre-heat the bowl for you, but you’ll have to heat up your bowl on your own.

If you’re new to convection vaporizing, getting the draws for the amount of vapour you prefer takes some trial and error.

To start, you should inhale long and slow. If not, you might just yield whispy, aromatic vapour instead of bigger, deeper, draws.

The learning curve is a small one though. After a weekend of toying around, we’re basically naturals.

Ember by Prrl Labs Vaporizer and Pipe Combo
The Ember by Prrl Labs pipe and vaporizer.

Battery Life

This vaporizer packs power! But that power has to come from somewhere.

Expect to get about two or three sessions out of this before having to recharge. You can use the vaporizer while it’s on the charger but it might be clunky to deal with.


The cost of this vaporizer is on par with some of the higher quality portable vaporizers on the market. And in comparison to the Volcano, you’ll be saving a ton of cash.

However, if you’re on a budget, the price-tag on The Ember might make this more of an investment. Fortunately, there are far worse things to invest your cash in.

To Roll This Up

The Ember by Prrl Labs is a blast with class. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be having quite a luxurious, relaxing session with this vaporizer.

It’s versatile and super easy to maintain with a pipe that packs a great flavour to keep you coming back. If you’re able to get your hands on The Ember, you’ll be in for a fun treat.

Keep an eye on Prrl Labs as they’ll be releasing new creations in the future, like a portable vaporizer and different pipes for The Ember.

The Ember by Prrl Labs Box Contents & BudTender
The Ember by Prrl Labs

Where to Buy The Ember by Prrl Labs

Want to get your hands on this vaporizer? Head on over to the Prrl Labs website!

What do you think about The Ember by Prrl Labs? Would you give it a try?