What do you get when you combine beauty with functionality? Read this Prism by BRNT Designs review and we'll tell you all about it.

Classic cannabis tools are getting an update and the Prism by BRNT Designs is one of the items leading the way.

While the construction is certainly attractive, this classy ceramic pipe is much more than just a showpiece.

I reached out to J.R. and Ally from BRNT and they were awesome enough to send us a Prism to try out for ourselves!

So read on to find out more about the Prism by BRNT Designs to see if you should add it to your collection.

The Prism by BRNT Designs ©TheHighBlog

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About The Prism by BRNT Designs

The Prism comes as a handy alternative and accompaniment to BRNT’s popular Hexagon bong.

The glazed ceramic pipe is made of Canadian clay, inspired by Jenny Holzer’s neo-conceptual LED art.

The design is truly captivating, following the rest of BRNT’s unique and stylish cannabis accessory lineup.

“The Prism complements the Hexagon aesthetic at an introductory price point and allows introductory users to commit to their first accessory.” Simon Grigenas (Founder: BRNT Designs)

BRNT Designs: Canadian Made

When Simon Grigenas, co-founder of BRNT Designs was at the University of Alberta, he enlisted the help of other students to come up with a beautiful yet functional bong.

With the help of some solid crowdfunding, BRNT Designs took the Hexagon bong from an idea to a prototype to a product in just a matter of months.

The Hexagon was just the beginning. BRNT now has a solid lineup of Canadian made tools and accessories for a variety of cannabis users.

the prism by brnt designs in black
The Prism by BRNT Designs ©TheHighBlog

“BRNT products are made and designed for the everyday cannabis user who wants an innovative, design-based accessory that not only looks great in your home but is easy to use.” J.R. (BRNT Designs)

The Prism by BRNT Designs Review

Now that you know what BRNT Designs is all about, let’s take a closer look at the Prism ceramic pipe.

First Impressions

The Prism looks just as eye-catching on arrival as it did in pictures. It was a quick ship from Alberta and it arrived safe and sound without a scratch.

The box is minimalistic and modern just like the brand, giving us a great intro for what’s in store.

We were surprised by how lightweight the box was, and the Prism was no different. The Prism is made out of Canadian clay, glazed inside and out for an incredibly chic look and finish.

The Prism by BRNT Designs ©TheHighBlog

“For the simplest explanation – the Canadian clay is poured into a mould, cooled, cured, glazed and the finishing handmade touches are applied (smoothing sides, edges, etc) as a further process to ensure quality and make every piece unique.” J.R. (BRNT Designs)

What We Liked About the Prism by BRNT Designs Ceramic Pipe

Incredibly Attractive Design

When beauty and function combine, I’m a happy camper.

The Prism serves as an eye-catching conversational piece you can keep on display. But unlike a trophy, you can use it as you please.

Its design makes it easy to incorporate into a lot of decor styles but it looks damn good in your hand as well. And while it works incredibly well as a pipe, this is the kind of piece you’ll want to keep out on exhibit.

“The Prism was named behind the design inspiration of it in an upright position. It was made to stand in a pipe stance as well as up vertically to deflect light off its geometric faces and provide for a signature visual experience.” Simon Grigenas (Founder: BRNT Designs)

The use of glazed ceramic not only makes it glisten on display but allows it to be stain-resistant and biodegradable as well. It’s also glazed internally deterring resin from sticking and building.

Smokes Like a Champ

There’s a wide variety of novelty cannabis tools available but the Prism isn’t one of them. As gorgeous as it is to look at, it’s excellent to use too.

The Prism by BRNT Designs ©TheHighBlog

The large bowl on the Prism is inviting, and if a pipe could be ergonomic, this is it. It fits in your hand naturally without weighing it down. You can casually kick back with it and have yourself a classy little sesh without hassle.

“Being base heavy it fits ergonomically in your hand and provides the maximum internal surface area for the smoke to cool while it flows through the pipe.” Simon Grigenas (Founder: BRNT Designs)

Super Easy to Clean (Dishwasher Safe!)

If you’re used to cannabis tools, you know how daunting they can be to clean. So when J.R. told me you could pop this thing right into the dishwasher I was thrilled and I don’t even own one!

“Just like the Hexagon, the Prism is also dishwasher safe! If you donʼt want to do that – a quick soak in some isopropyl alcohol and a thorough rinse with water will do the trick.” J.R. (BRNT Designs)

I love tools that are a breeze to clean and the Prism takes the cake. There’s also minimal maintenance when it comes to keeping it clean and ready to go.

If I’m looking for a super quick session, the Prism is one of my new go-to’s. Keeping this in a great condition is really painless – perfect for those who are new to cannabis or busybody users.

“For a quick maintenance clean of the bowl itself – after use just take a damp paper towel and wipe the bowl and itʼs pretty easy to wipe anything that’s leftover.” J.R. (BRNT Designs)

The Prism by BRNT Designs ©TheHighBlog

Things To Watch Out For


This one’s an obvious point. You’ll want to be careful with this one. Since it’s made out of ceramic, it’s totally breakable.

Its lightweight design makes it easily portable, but if you’re taking it outdoors, be careful. There’s no warranty on the Prism so better safe than sorry.

“We always want to consider the potential fragility of materials like clay or concrete […] I personally wouldnʼt recommend having the Prism as an outdoor bring along (unless [you’re] very careful!) but I would consider the Faro due to itʼs concrete material and itʼs thickness. Just always be careful!” J.R. (BRNT Designs)

To Roll This Up

The Prism by BRNT Designs is certainly a piece of beauty. What makes it even better is that it functions beautifully too.

The design seems complicated but the function is simple. Available in three colours, the Prism is an easy upgrade for cannabis enthusiasts.

The Prism by BRNT Designs is Made in Canada
The Prism by BRNT Designs ©TheHighBlog

Where to Buy The Prism by BRNT Designs

You can find The Prism at some local head shops in Canada or you can get your own Prism through the BRNT Designs website.

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What do you think? Love the Prism by BRNT Designs? Hate it? Let us know below!