I absolutely loved Purple Rhino, though I do have a preference for strains of the purple lineage. Pure Sunfarms' White Rhino seems like Purple Rhino without the purple. Will this strain be as good as its purple cousin?

White Rhino by Pure Sunfarms Strain Review













  • Smokes Great
  • Great High
  • Mood Saver


  • Dryness
  • Dryness
  • Harshness (Dryness!)

White Rhino is a classic strain, and I don’t come across it often. So I had to grab a few grams of Pure Sunfarms White Rhino while checking out the The Hunny Pot while in Toronto.

Check out what we got from Relm Dispensary while in the GTA.

The guy behind the counter was pretty excited about White Rhino; his eyes perked up when I asked about it.

He said that I can expect a blast of fruity aromas the moment I open the bag (and yes, it actually came in a reasonable baggie).

Is he full of “aromas”? Let’s find out!

open bag of pure sunfarms white rhino
White Rhino by Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms White Rhino review

Pure Sunfarms is a company based out of Delta, BC, and has been in business in some form or another for over 25 years.

They produce their cannabis in their Delta 3 greenhouse, which (according to Wikipedia) may be one of the largest cannabis greenhouses in the world.

The details

  • Brand: Pure Sunfarms
  • Net Weight: 3.5 grams
  • Retailer: The Hunny Pot
  • Label: Pure Indica / Strong Intensity
  • Cannabinoids: THC – 18.5% / CBD – 0.3%
  • Price: $35 CAD
pure sunfarms white rhino on a bag
White Rhino by Pure Sunfarms

First impressions of Pure Sunfarms White Rhino

As mentioned earlier, I was happy to see that they packaged Pure Sunfarms White Rhino in a sealed bag instead of an oversized metal container.

As much as I love a bit of guilt with my weed, the metal containers have got to go.

Sight and smell

The nugs themselves were dense, but a bit dry, with some slight shades of purple. It was a light green and was coated in some sticky trichomes.

The smell was a fruity, powerful aroma, just as the “budtender” claimed.

We also noticed a pungent citrus smell right away. They were so dense to bust- the nugs just kept on busting!

Smoke and taste

Smoking Pure Sunfarms White Rhino was a tasty experience! We tried it in the vape and it really brought out that fruit flavour.

White Rhino by Pure Sunfarms

I’m not normally one to get caught on the taste, but it did taste quite good. When smoking from a joint, the taste almost reminded me of orange-flavoured candy.

The aftertaste was also something to remember- delicious!

The effects of Pure Sunfarms White Rhino

I experienced a mellow high at first. It hits slow to start, but within a few moments, you’ll feel relaxed.

The feeling will start to envelop you like a nice bathrobe. I felt relaxed and jovial, with a slightly distracted state of mind.

I can’t imagine getting a lot of productive work done, so I’d avoid using this before sundown.

Overall, Pure Sunfarms White Rhino gave me a heavily relaxed experience.

Pure Sunfarms White Rhino on display
White Rhino by Pure Sunfarms

To roll this up

We came into the session tired and stressed from a long day of work, and this saved us from a possibly cranky evening.

Anyone who follows Lily’s twitter would know that we sometimes need a strong and heavy strain after a stressful time, and White Rhino seems to live up to its strong family name.

Thanks for reading through this Pure Sunfarms White Rhino review! Have you given it a try? What do you think?