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About The High Blog

The High Blog is dedicated to reducing the stigma of marijuana by providing carefully researched and curated information on responsible cannabis lifestyle and culture.

Who Is Behind “The High Blog”?

The High Blog is founded and run by Lily, a journalist, writer, and author based out of Canada.

the high blog founder
The High Blog Founder & Author
Lily Hall

My expertise? Years of gruelling journalism school, followed by years of professional lifestyle writing, along with being a regular cannabis user.

I’m not a doctor or medical professional. I am, however, a dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced journalist who aims to create a welcoming, safe space to learn about cannabis.

Why “The High Blog”?

After battling migraines for what seems like forever, I finally found relief with cannabis. In addition to using marijuana for pain relief and anxiety, I also use cannabis recreationally as an alternative to drinking.

Responsible cannabis use is capable of some pretty amazing stuff, but the stigma still exists.

I’m often trying to educate my own friends and family who have their own stigma against cannabis use which inspired this blog.

From dealing with those scenarios and working with others in the cannabis industry, I find having access to relatable, easy-to-digest information helps shed a light on cannabis. In general, it’s a great step to reducing the overall stigma

By highlighting cannabis lifestyle and culture, The High Blog aims to be that extra source of information.

Who Is “The High Blog” For?

Everyone (over 21+ of course).

If you are:

  • a medicinal cannabis user
  • a recreational smoker
  • know someone who uses cannabis
  • are considering using cannabis
  • think you or someone may benefit from cannabis use
  • are just curious about cannabis culture…

…this website is for you.

Say high and stay tuned!


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The Writer Behind THB

Lily is a lifestyle journalist, freelance writer and the creator of The High Blog. When she's not writing about responsible cannabis lifestyle, she's usually writing about travel.

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