I had two Relm employees arguing over their “best”, and they settled on Bakerstreet, Tweed’s version of Hindu Kush. Is it worth the $12?

Bakerstreet by Tweed













  • Appitite Helper
  • Smooth
  • Looks Nice


  • Price
  • Dryness
  • Weaker than advertised

In my last review, I mentioned how I took a trip with Lily to Burlington, Ontario. I picked up a few samples of various strains and brands because I wanted to compare Ontario’s prices and products to Quebec’s. This time, I grabbed a gram of Bakerstreet by Tweed, a strong indica. I had two employees at Relm arguing over their “best indica”, and this is what they settled on.

Fun fact: Canada’s first legal recreational cannabis sale was made at midnight at a Tweed store in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) is the parent company of licensed cannabis producer Tweed Inc., Tweed Farms Inc., and a few other subsidiaries.

They are the world’s largest cannabis company (based on the value of its shares). Does a bigger company make better cannabis?

Read our opinion in this Tweed Bakerstreet review.

Container of Tweed Bakerstreet
Tweed Bakerstreet ©TheHighBlog

Tweed Bakerstreet review

Tweed first started in an abandoned Hershey’s factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

They grow a bunch of weed and have over 4.3 million square feet of indoor and greenhouse growing space.

Tweed Bakerstreet is their take on the already-famous Hindu Kush.

The details

  • Brand: Tweed (Canopy)
  • Net Weight: 1 gram
  • Retailer: Relm Cannabis Co.
  • Label: Pure Indica / Strong Intensity
  • Cannabinoids: THC – 22% / CBD – <0.1%
  • Price: $12 CAD
First look at Tweed Bakerstreet
Tweed Bakerstreet ©TheHighBlog

First impressions of Tweed Bakerstreet

The first impressions of Tweed’s Bakerstreet were actually pretty good. It came in a small and heavy “push-screw-top” container for the individual gram.

You could actually smell a bit of dankness, which always gives me the tingles (a good start).

The weed looked pretty nice for LP buds. They were dark and dense nugs, slightly dry (not a surprise), but gorgeous nonetheless.

So far, probably the best-looking nugs that I’ve bought from a legal dispensary. Already, I can tell the difference in quality between Bakerstreet and Lola Montes, another strain I picked up from Relm.

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Sight and smell

Up close, you can see a lovely gleam from its trichomes, and you can get a better sense of the smell: earthy yet sweet, with a strong “dankness”.

There are also hints of fruit and lavender. As usual, the dryness dulls the aroma.

Busting up LP nugs are often disappointing, due to the dryness of the weed, and this was no exception. The nugs busted up slightly powdery and weren’t as big as I was anticipating.

Smoke and taste

Smoking Tweed Bakerstreet was pretty nice, it had that heavy feeling I was looking forward to. That said, considering its dryness, it wasn’t overly harsh or quick to burn.

Nug of Tweed Bakerstreet
Tweed Bakerstreet ©TheHighBlog

However, it didn’t have much of a taste; slightly earthy and “burny”. You’ve probably guessed – it’s the dryness that kills the flavour.

It also had a lingering “burny” aftertaste.

The effects of Tweed Bakerstreet

If you’re hoping to be blasted off, the high may be a miss. Bakerstreet is advertised as being generally 20-25% THC, but the effects were not potent.

I’ve had Hindu Kush in the past, which has knocked my socks off. Unfortunately, my socks remained firmly on my feet. No “wuff” after the puff.

It felt more like a medium potency strain, which is lower than what I expected.

However, it did kick-start a strong appetite, so I would recommend this to someone who has trouble eating.

Tweed Bakerstreet ©TheHighBlog

To roll this up

For a supposed heavy-hitter, Tweed Bakerstreet felt soft. While enjoyable, I wouldn’t count on it for a total knockout.

For the price, if you’re buying it in Ontario, it’s also not worth it. It’s cheaper in Montreal (11$ a gram), which, for some reason, makes me feel better about buying it.

Thanks for reading through this Tweed Bakerstreet review! Have you given it a try? What do you think?