Looking for an energizing "sativa"? Not only does this article have a quick guide to sativa strains, but we'll tell you our top 5 strains you should try.

When it comes to cannabis, the number of strains available can certainly be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve gone ahead and done some testing so you don’t have to!

For those looking for an energizing strain for their next session, this list is sure to help you out.

While more outlets are starting to classify cannabis strains more extensively, they’re usually broken down into sativa and indica. Sativa strains being known and sold as having more energizing qualities.

But first, what’s the difference between an indica and a sativa labelled strain? And what benefits do energizing strains have?

Read on to find out all about the sativa label and some of our favourite energizing weed strains we’d recommend.

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The Indica vs Sativa Label

While you shouldn’t judge a strain by its label, cannabis is commonly narrowed down into two categories by retailers. These categories are usually labelled indica and sativa strains.

As mentioned, some outlets are doing more to classify their cannabis strains, but here’s a quick explanation of the advertised differences between indica and sativa.


Indica plants are usually short and stout with broad leaves. Most strains labelled as indica will probably have a higher THC content.

THC is what aids in giving you that notorious high and THC dominant strains are commonly used by those looking for a potent session.

As such, these strains are advertised to be sedative with sleepy effects which lead cannabis users to reserve them for the evening and nighttime.


Sativa labelled strains are advertised on the other end of the spectrum.

Sativa plants are basically the opposite of indica plants, growing tall with thin and narrow leaves.

Sativa strains are known for having a higher CBD content with lower THC levels. CBD is said to aid in chronic pain and anxiety, as such, sativa labelled strains are commonly advertised as uplifting and energizing, used for anxiety, chronic pain, and focus.

Sativa labelled strains aren’t known to leave you super sleepy and couch-locked (depending on the THC level), making them perfect for daytime.


Hybrid strains are also super common, creating a third category for most retailers.

These usually have a balance of the THC, CBD as well as other properties .

Benefits: What you might get from smoking cannabis labelled a “sativa strain”

There’s a wide variety of benefits you can get from using sativa strains.

Here are some of the common benefits of reaching for labelled sativa strains:

sativa strains

Energy and uplifted

If you want to avoid the slow feeling some cannabis strains provide, a retailer may point you towards sativa strains.

Because of their higher CBD content and other properties, they’re known for being energizing and uplifting. Depending on the strain, they’re great for a wake and bake or daytime sessions.

If you need to medicate but also need to get things done, buying certain Sativa strains will allow you to reap the benefits without falling asleep.

This also makes some sativa strains a great choice for socializing. Some strains are also great for treating depression.

Eases chronic pain

There are a number of labelled Sativa strains that I use for migraine relief, and chronic pain is a big reason a number of cannabis users reach for sativa strains.

Some sativas labelled strains can be high in both THC and CBD, making them great for putting both your mind and muscles at ease.

And thanks to some of their energizing effects, you can medicate without having to be confined to your bed.

Boosts creativity

There’s a reason a number of artist’s use cannabis. One of the main effects of many labelled sativa strains is that they tend to enhance creativity.

Since these strains often come along with cerebral effects, it’s great for tapping into your creative side, or for daytime events.

These cerebral effects combined with its energizing and uplifting qualities along with the common “mind-high” make some sativa strains a top choice for creatives.

Aids focus

Whether you’re creative or not, some labelled sativa strains will usually help you focus.

Since they don’t usually knock you out or give you that intense relaxation that some high THC strains can, they’re great for getting tasks done.


Our Top 5 “Sativa” Strains

Now that you know a little more about what retailers are calling sativa strains, here are some of our favourites.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of my favourite sativa strains for beating chronic pain.

I mostly use it for migraine relief but it’s great for an extra uplifting boost as well. It’s kind of a like a good smoothie from an upscale wellness bar in that way.

Blue Dream is usually classified as a sativa or hybrid. I usually have a strain with high THC, but I know a lot of people who’ve had it more balanced.

Blue Dream is a cross between the Blueberry and Haze strains and usually has a higher CBD content than other sativa strains.

  • Smell: Light + slightly fruity. (I don’t get a huge hit of blueberries when using Blue Dream, but the smell is quite inviting and fresh).
  • Taste: Sweet + light. (Blue Dream tastes fruitier on the tongue than it does on the nose, but still doesn’t have an overpowering taste).
  • High: Uplifting + relaxing + focused. (Blue Dream gives a clear, uplifting high, quickly sweeping away the feelings of chronic pain).
  • Recommended for: pain relief, anxiety, tiredness, day-time relaxation

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a classic strain usually boasting a high THC content.

A favourite amongst a number of cannabis users, Sour Diesel leans almost entirely on the energetic side.

“Sour D” is known for being quite potent and is commonly used to create other cannabis strains.

top sativa strains

While Sour Diesel is a great uplifting strain, its high potency can sometimes leave you feeling groggy if a lot is used.

  • Smell: Strong + sweet + floral + gas-y (Sour D smells intoxicatingly pungent. You can almost smell the potency it’s known for having with a hint of floral notes).
  • Taste: Sweet + sour (tasting similarly to how it smells, sour diesel fills the mouth with a full-flavoured tang alongside some earthiness).
  • The High: Focused + creative + relaxing. (Sour Diesel gives another great clear-headed high, leaving you focused and energized without feeling like you’ve had a big cup of coffee).
  • Recommended for: creativity, focus, day-time sessions, social outings, day-time relaxation, pain relief

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies isn’t just one of my favourite snacks. This strain is also one of our favourites sativa strains for creativity.

GSC is actually a hybrid strain that often has a high dose of THC but it’s cerebral and uplifting effects make it a great choice for a daytime strain.

Made from a cross between OG Kush and a Durban Poison hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies is a classic strain favourited by many.

  • Smell: Sweet + floral + earthy (of course a strain called Girl Scout Cookies will have a sweet scent, but it’s surprisingly not too sweet).
  • Taste: Earthy + skunky (don’t expect GSC to taste like an actual cookie. That said, the earthy, skunky flavours do carry a small fruity hint).
  • The High: Cerebral + creative + relaxed + giddy (GSC has one of my favourite highs. It’s floaty and talkative – really gets the mind going yet you’ll stay relaxed and happily giddy).
  • Recommended for: creativity, social gatherings, Netflix + chill, pain relief

Moby Dick

I discovered Moby Dick when I was hunting down strains to combat migraines and fell in love.

Made from a cross between two favourite strains, White Widow and Haze, Moby Dick is another potent strain with high THC levels.

It’s often used as a medicinal strain, great for treating chronic pain, PTSD and depression.

  • Smell: Citrus + fruity. (I love the fruity, citrusy smell of Moby Dick – I swear just smelling it is healing).
  • Taste: Earthy + lemon (The citrus makes a subtle appearance in the taste, but overall you’ll get a full, earthy puff).
  • High: Energizing + focused. (Moby Dick will get you going once you’re down. Perfect for day-time and mornings).
  • Recommended for: pain relief, focusing, morning sessions

Maui Waui (Wowie)

Maui Wowie usually leans highly on the energizing side and is a strain that first appeared decades ago in Hawaii.

This is the strain you want to take on vacation thanks to its tropical smell and relaxing qualities.

  • Smell: Fruity + citrus. (the smell is what stands out most when it comes to Maui Waui. It smells like you’re about to sesh on the beach).
  • Taste: Fruity + citrus. (this strain smells just like it tastes – expect a full last of citrusy, fruity goodness ).
  • High: Uplifting + energizing + relaxing. (while this strain is perfect for a day on the town or at the beach, it’ll keep you energized to get shit done).
  • Recommended for: day-time relaxation, morning session
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What are your favourite sativa strains?