I picked up a gram of Lola Montes by Edison from Relm while visiting Burlington, Ontario, hoping for something that would relax me in the evenings. Was it worth the price of 12$ per gram?

Lola Montes by Edison













  • Strong High
  • Burns nicely
  • Relieves pain and aches


  • Price
  • Taste/Smell
  • Dryness

Joshua is jumping in on this Edison Lola Montes review. He’ll give you all the details on this weed from Organigram.

Edison is a subsidiary company of Moncton based Organigram. They provide recreational cannabis to dispensaries across Canada. We’ve tried a few of their products, some good and some…meh.

Purchasing Organigram products in Ontario (or any cannabis product, for that matter) is more expensive. While it’s more likely we’d purchase this again in Quebec, is it even worth it?

We’ll tell you what we think of it in this Edison Lola Montes review.

First view of Edison Lola Montes review
Lola Montes by Edison ©TheHighBlog

Edison Lola Montes review

Organigram created Edison to sell recreational cannabis. As such, they’ve given us products like their Lola Montes. It’s labeled as an indica-dominant strain (80/20). 

Lola Montes by Edison is actually supposed to be their take on the famous “Hash Plant”. However, it didn’t totally remind me of that classic strain. 

Normally, Hash Plant has a hint of a sweet smell to accompany the earthiness, but this had mostly a hint of dry soil.

The details

What's inside the Edison Lola Montes review
Lola Montes by Edison ©TheHighBlog

First impressions of Edison Lola Montes

The gram of Lola Montes comes in a (relatively) small, plastic, push-down-twist-off container.

The packaging is lightweight and the gram was packaged on August 17th, 2019. Currently, it’s November 1st as of writing this article, I purchased the gram the previous Saturday. 

When opening the pack, you will immediately find Organigram’s promise of a humidity-control pack alongside the product.

There are no surprises about this packaging like a false bottom (which we found with the Moonbeam). That said, I generally dislike all the plastic packaging that comes with legal cannabis.

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Sight and smell

Opening the packaging, you get the usual waft of smell. It had the expected earthy smell, but we noticed that it was accompanied by a subtle hint of rich chocolate.

That said, the smell didn’t linger as the product was fairly dry, even with the humidity-control pack. Despite the dryness, it still had a nice, deep green/orange colour with a faint crystal gleam.

It came with two small nugs, though I only bought a gram so I didn’t expect much. I would hope the 3.5 grams would have some more solid nugs, as Hash Plant is known for having stocky and heavy buds.

The nugs did bust up nicely, and it wasn’t dried out all the way through. I’m happy to report that breaking open the nugs did release a stronger aroma.

How Lola Montes by Edison smokes and tastes

As to be expected with a drier bud, it had some harshness to the smoke. We smoked it using a pipe (with a screen), as well as rolling up a little joint. 

The puff was quite smooth, and I imagine that it would be quite nice if it were less dried out. 

Close up of cannabis from Edison Lola Montes review
Lola Montes by Edison ©TheHighBlog

As for taste, it wasn’t much of a wild ride. It had the expected earthy taste, with a slight hint of sweetness.

The overall taste was strong if a little burnt (almost sooty). It would start sweet but then go right into the burn-taste. The Aftertaste is very earthy.

For better or for worse, it reminds me of a classic, old-school “street weed” taste.

The effects

Right after smoking, I started to colour in my notebook, which is a first. Clearly, this strain inspires creativity. It hit us quickly and with a heavy feeling. 

Right away we felt relaxed and calm, with a slight uplifting feeling. The high grew slightly more intense, and pretty quickly we realized that we were baked.

Our aches and pains from the day subsided, and it felt like the evening had started. Ordering food has become much more difficult. This is certainly a strong indica.

It seems that this strain is very good for that after-work-unwinder for cannabis veterans. Or, it can be the good-nighter for those who are new to cannabis.

Front view of Edison Lola Montes review
Lola Montes by Edison ©TheHighBlog

To roll this up

This feels like the kind of weed that you would have been excited about before legalization.

With the selection available at this price point, you could do better. However, I wouldn’t be upset to find this in my emergency stash.

I’d smoke it again, but I likely wouldn’t buy it for the price I paid in Ontario.

Thanks for reading through this Edison Lola Montes review! Have you given it a try? What do you think?