I didn’t know a thing about distillate edibles until I was gifted some; then I fell in love.

What’s the difference between cannabis distillate edibles and regular edibles? I’ll tell you all about it in this article.

cannabis distillate edibles

What is cannabis distillate?

Cannabis distillate is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s been growing in popularity.

Since it’s one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrates available, it has a high potency. In fact, distillate potency can get as high as 99 percent.

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The distilling process takes out undesirable components usually leaving a runny consistency.

Cannabis distillate is commonly categorized into THC and CBD. Both can be used for dabbing, vaporizing and topicals. Cannabis distillate can also be used when making edibles.

What are cannabis distillate edibles?

making cannabis distillate

The definition of distillate edibles is pretty straight-forward. They are simply edibles made from cannabis distillate.

How are they made?

Distilling cannabis is a lot like distilling alcohol.

Basically, this distillation process separates the components in cannabis and extracts pure THC or CBD from the plant into a liquid form.

This process also takes away the terpenes in cannabis, leaving the liquid mostly flavourless and odourless. Terpenes can also be re-added to create specific flavours.

This video has more details about cannabis distillate.

Distillate edibles vs regular edibles

Most of the edibles you’re probably used to aren’t made with cannabis distillate.

Fortunately, this rising trend has allowed us to spot a number of differences between the two.

Higher in potency

Since cannabis distillate is higher in potency, distillate edibles will probably hit you harder.

You can often feel the effects quicker with cannabis distillate too. Fortunately for my migraines, that’s a good thing!

If you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a cleaner, stronger high from your edible selection, cannabis distillate edibles will surely do the trick.

And for those of us suffering from chronic pain, a higher cannabis potency can be important in ensuring you get that relief.

If you’re new to cannabis, distillate edibles can certainly be too much at first. It’s best to start slow (maybe half a dose) before diving right in.

cannabis distillate

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Tastes better

Since distillates have no taste and smell, they’re perfect for taking on flavour. This makes cannabis distillate great for edibles.

One of the most common complaints about edibles is taste. It’s hard to get something infused with cannabis to not taste like it.

Cannabis distillate edibles usually taste much better than regular edibles since they can easily take on a variety of flavours.

For example, a cannabis distillate gummie will probably be more candy-like than your usual edible.

It’s a great choice for those who don’t like the taste of cannabis but still want to reap its benefits.

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Easier to dose

Using distillate in edibles not only makes it easier to control the dosage, but you’re likely to use less of it too.

With potent distillate, you won’t need to dose or medicate as often to keep feeling the effects.

When I take a cannabis distillate gummie for my migraines, the effects arrive quickly and last for quite some time.

When it starts to eventually wear off, I have a vaporizer session. This allows me to feel the calming effects of the cannabis distillate gummie for a longer time.

Another complaint about cannabis edibles is dosing. A lot of people avoid edibles because it’s hard to control the dosage but using distillate makes it easier.

You can easily measure out 10mg of cannabis distillate and add it to a variety of things.

cannabis distillate edible candies
My favourite cannabis distillate gummies.


Using a product that has no taste or smell is also great for discretion.

While items like cannabis distillate gummies are becoming more common, there are other discreet ways you can use distillate as well.

Basically, distillates allow you to avoid the smell that comes along with cannabis.

Like Advil, you can take a cannabis distillate gummie with you on the go, and no one will be all the wiser if you need to medicate.

Cannabis distillate edibles are also great for the bedroom. Want to find out more? Click here.

Have you tried cannabis distillate or distillate edibles? Yay or nay?