We all know that chocolates, oysters and wine are the perfect precursors to a romantic evening, but cannabis is a lesser-known aphrodisiac.

We all know that chocolates, oysters and wine are the perfect precursors to a romantic evening. Well, cannabis is a lesser-known aphrodisiac.

How does cannabis and sex go hand in hand? Read on for all the tea!

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Cannabis and Sex: What’s the Deal?

First thing’s first: there have been some misconceptions about how cannabis affects your sex life.

There have been mentions that cannabis can cause erectile dysfunction and lower libido in men.

While no conclusive evidence has been found, mixing tobacco with your weed could play a role in speculations.

That being said, with more cannabis studies being done, some reports are finding that marijuana can actually enhance sex.

And with that finding, more companies are marketing cannabis products for the sole purpose of getting frisky.

The Advantages of Combining Marijuana and Sex

Turns out, those looking to heighten their experience in the bedroom may find some benefits with cannabis.

In fact, studies show that daily cannabis users have 20% more sex than non-users.

So not only is marijuana unlikely to impair sexual function, but it seems to have increased the frequency of sex altogether.

Another study released in the Journal of Sexual Medicine also concluded that small amounts of marijuana before sex increases libido in women.

How Does Weed Help With Sex?

So just what is it about weed that helps get things going in the bedroom?

Cannabis Relaxes You

Experts think one of the reasons cannabis helps with sex is thanks to weed’s relaxing qualities.

Cannabis reduces anxiety, making it easier to get over the awkwardness in your head.

For this reason, cannabis can be used in the same way most people snuggle up to a glass of wine before getting down.

Weed Reduces Stress

Cannabis also reduces stress, and when you’re mind is more at ease, it’s easier to get into the moment.

Doctors say when women are less stressed out, they tend to feel more confident. This aids in a higher sexual confidence altogether.

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Other Reasons

According to experts, cannabis can slow down your perception of time. This effect can lead to a heightened sexual experience.

Since THC is what gives you that high feeling, the mental shift can give a better physical experience overall.

Cannabis is great for other things! Here’s all the information on using weed for migraines.

Are There Any Risks to Using Marijuana for Sex?

We all know that Viagra and similar products come with a fine print. But what about weed?

Experts say there’s little to worry about when it comes to the side effects associated with combining cannabis and sex.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any side-effects though. Here’s what to watch out for:


While cannabis can help with your anxiety, it’s known to also cause it. This is especially true if you’re a newbie.

This is why experts recommend small doses. It’s also recommended to try cannabis beforehand before combining it with sex or suggesting it to a partner.

In fact, experts recommend going solo the first time you incorporate weed into the bedroom. This way, you know how your body reacts before bringing someone else in.

Know the Reason You’re Using Cannabis for Sex

Are you using cannabis in the bedroom to reduce pain from a condition? Is it helping with trauma? Do you simply want to heighten the experience?

These are all reasons cannabis users incorporate marijuana into their sex lives. Since these are all different, the experience will differ depending on your reason for using it.

Be open with your partner and if you’re using cannabis to help with pain, contact your doctor before doing so.

How to Add Cannabis to Your Sex Life

Experts suggest that small doses of cannabis prior to sex can increase the overall experience.

Since different strains of cannabis have different effects, here are some of the best strains to use to heighten your sex life.

What Weed Strains are Best for Sex?

Turn your night into a fun experience and pick out a couple strains to experience with.

While weed is commonly divided into indica, sativa, or hybrid categories, the type of strain you choose can give you an entirely different experience.

High THC Strains

While high THC strains are known for their couch-locking qualities, strains high in THC can also be very relaxing.

Picking the right relaxing strain will help. Also, avoid smoking too much to keep mellow, cuddly and relaxed without falling asleep.

High THC strains are great for long sessions and taking things slow. The full-body high will have your senses on ‘high’-alert.

Relaxing and uplifting strains like Northern Lights are great for sexy time. Check out these other strains as well.

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CBD and Balanced Strains

Some high CBD and hybrid strains are known for their uplifting and energizing qualities. As such, some specific strains are great for getting things going.

Some hybrid strains are also known for creating cerebral effects, heightening sexual sensation altogether.

On the other hand, some balanced strains with high THC are known to cause anxiety, which could take away the mood.

It’s all about dosing and not overdoing it for a good time with cannabis and sex.

Are Edibles and Sex a Good Combination?

Including edibles into your sex life can be great for the right partners; particularly more experienced cannabis users.

If they aren’t pre-dosed, edibles can be unpredictable. Edibles also react differently within the body than when inhaling cannabis.

If you’re unfamiliar with edibles, the full-body feeling can easily throw you off of your game.

That said, introducing edibles into the bedroom for experienced partners can be a great way to experiment with cannabis and sex.

Since the high is usually “slower”, and lasts much longer, you may want to save these for long play sessions.

We would recommend Milli Extract’s 100% THC Distillate Gummies for both experienced and occasional users.

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Other Cannabis Products for Sex

There are a number of other ways to combine cannabis and sex.

With research showing that cannabis and sex do go hand-in-hand, it’s no surprise companies are jumping on board with a variety of cannabis products.

We can’t say much for any of these items, but if you’re curious, do your research and give them a try!

To Wrap This Up

Cannabis and sex can certainly go hand in hand.

Remember, what works for you will depend on your own requirements. Hopefully, this article helped to push you in a more enlightened direction.

Have you experimented with cannabis and sex? Tell us about your experience!