Newbie or not, you'll likely want to have some weed smoking tools at your disposal. Here are the most common tools for cannabis and how they're used.

Whether you’re an expert “cannasseur” or new to cannabis, you’ll likely want to have some cannabis accessories at your disposal.

Below are the most common tools for weed and how they’re used so you can be less confused.

glass pipe cannabis accessories

Basic Cannabis Accessories and Tools

Let’s start with the basic cannabis accessories.


While you can break up your dried flower for use with your hands, it’s much quicker with a grinder.

This is one of the most basic cannabis accessories you can own.

Breaking up your buds with a grinder helps your flower break up finer. This leads to better consistency and denser bowls.

grinder cannabis accessories

Rolling Machine

It took a while before I realized these existed. Rolling machines are a common weed-smoking tool whether you know it or not.

For those who can’t or suck at rolling joints, these may come in handy. They also might be handy for those who just don’t have the patience for rolling joints.

How do you use a rolling machine? Once you have your weed, paper and filter, you just pop it right in.


Speaking of papers, you can’t roll a joint without them. Rolling papers for weed come in a variety of types.

With white, brown, hemp, and even flavoured varieties available, it’s easy to pick a favourite.

cannabis accessories and papers go hand in hand

Ps. These basic tools above are all you need for a trip to check out Amsterdam’s cannabis scene. Read all about Amsterdam Coffee Shops here.

Common Pipes for Weed

For those who don’t want to roll joints all the time (or can’t), there are an array of pipes to use for cannabis.

Marijuana pipes are a common option for cannabis smokers on the go.

One Hitter

One hitter pipes are for those looking for just that, one hit. They’re made small with a narrow bowl and can pack enough for one hit.

Those looking for a discreet way to smoke cannabis may also choose to use a one-hitter.

types of one hitter cannabis accessories

Wooden Pipes

While they’re mostly used for tobacco, the large bowl on wooden pipes are inviting for a number of cannabis users.

The larger bowl obviously means it holds more cannabis, making way for heartier hits.

Depending on the wood and quality, smokers find that when using wooden pipes for cannabis, it also adds to the flavour (for better or worse).

Glass Pipe

Glass pipes for marijuana are one of the most common tools used for smoking cannabis.

They’re known for giving a smoke that’s smoother and better tasting than a wood pipe, making them a popular option amongst cannabis users.

While they’re made out of glass, they’re pretty durable and come in a world of styles, colours and variations.

glass pipes are common cannabis accessories

Metal Pipes

Metal pipes come in a variety of unique vintage looking designs.

They give a good smoke, and metal water pipes are especially are known for giving a strong session.

metal pipes are common cannabis accessories

Chamber Pipes are a type of metal pipe with a metal bowl and an attached mouthpiece. Cannabis users looking for a stronger high can attach an additional chamber to these pipes.


Chillums are like one-hitters, but possibly fancier.

Traditionally used for smoking tobacco and opium, chillums are straight pipes commonly made out of stone, glass and wood.

Save this tool for marijuana smokers who enjoy a bit of a boho or zen vibe to their session.

cannabis accessories include chillums

Sherlock Pipe

Since it literally resembles the type of pipe Sherlock Holmes would use, you can imagine what a Sherlock pipe looks like.

These pipes have that infamous curved shape and come in glass, wood and metal varieties.

sherlock pipes are fun cannabis accessories


These are kind of like mini bongs and are a popular choice amongst cannabis users.

These pipes come with space for water, used to filter out smoke and makes for a smoother inhale.

Commonly made out of glass, bubblers are best for the cannabis smoker who likes stronger, larger hits.

bubbles are cannabis accessories on the go


Bongs are a tried and true favourite for a variety of cannabis users. They’re best for taking in large hits with space for water that helps with smooth smoking and filtering.

Bongs for cannabis come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes, and are often made out of glass or plastic.

They usually include accessories like a bowl piece (used for packing your weed into), as well as a downstem or ice-catcher.

bongs are iconic cannabis accessories

Cannabis Tools for Dabbing

Dabbing is a great way for cannabis users to get the best out of concentrates. But, it can be confusing.

Here are the tools you’ll at least need to start with.

Dab Rig

Usually made out of glass, dab rigs are the most popular tool for smoking concentrates like wax and shatter.

Dab rigs are water pipes, coming in a variety of styles and sizes specifically used for cannabis concentrates.

While it is a water pipe, don’t mistake dab rigs for a regular bong. These rigs have accessories specifically for dabbing attached.

dab rigs are new cannabis accessories

Dab Nail

Used to heat up concentrates, dab nails come in a variety of materials like glass, metal, and quartz.

Quartz nails are a popular choice, known for being long-lasting and more efficient.

dab nails to go with dabbing cannabis accessories


A dabber is like a chopstick for your concentrates. It’s used to help pick up sticky substances like wax and shatter.

Once the concentrate is on the dabber, it can then be placed on to your dab rig.

A dabber saves from sticky fingers, nail burns, and other frustrations that can come with using cannabis concentrates.


A regular lighter isn’t going to work with dabbing since you really need to heat up your dab nail. You’ll need a torch to get your nail to the desired temperature (around 350°F).

Fortunately, butane or propane torches can be found all over from department stores to home-reno stores. If you want, you can even find them on Amazon.

torch lighter for cannabis accessories

Vaporizer Cannabis Tools

Vaporizing (or vaping) has become a popular way to consume cannabis in recent years.

It’s said to be healthier than smoking since it turns cannabis and other related materials into a vapour instead of combustion.

Want other ways to consume cannabis without smoking? Read this.

There are a wide variety of vaporizers available on the market today. Here’s an introduction to the most common types.

Tabletop Vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers are bigger vaporizers usually meant to be left out on a coffee table (or similar surface).

Most tabletop vaporizers are far from portable but are usually great for long sessions and are known to pack a punch.

Volcano vaporizers are a popular choice in this category; though tabletop vaporizers come in a variety of styles.

volcano needs no other cannabis accessories

Portable Vaporizers

The smaller, travel-friendly alternative to tabletop vaporizers, portable vaporizers are a world in themselves.

The varieties of portable vaporizers are near endless, but one thing remains the same across the board. These vaporizers are meant to provide medication on the go.

Two of the main categories to worry about when it comes to portable vaporizers are the two below.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry-herb vaporizers are specifically for dried flower (as well as tobacco etc.). Made portable, dry herb vaporizers come in a wide variety of prices.

The best dry-herb vaporizer for you will depend on your own preferences, so it’s best to do your research before diving in.

If you’re looking for quality, Da Vinci vaporizers are often recommended, amongst other top contenders in the dry-herb market.

Their function is simple. Grind up flower, set the desired temperature (or temperature range), fill the chamber, et voila.

Dry-herb vaporizers are fairly simple to use though sessions tend to be shorter and may be harder to share.

Looking for an affordable dry-herb vaporizer? Check out our recommendations.

dry herb cannabis accessories

Wax and Oil Pens

These are usually the pen-style vaporizers that are commonly seen. They’re the alternative to dry-herb vaporizers, ready for concentrates.

A number of concentrate vaporizers and wax pens have oil cartridges, making the process pretty fool-proof.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can also get a combination of dry-herb and concentrate vaporizers.

concentrate cannabis accessories

To Wrap This Up

There you have it. This list is just a summary of the basic cannabis accessories commonly used.

While everyone is different, knowing the basic tools for the job will help users decide which method is best for them!

Hope this helps!

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What cannabis accessories are you most confused about?