A common question from those looking to find relief from marijuana is if there are ways to consume cannabis without smoking it. We have news for you!

A question commonly asked is if there are ways to use cannabis without smoking it. There are!

While popping your favourite flower into a bong is a quick way medicate, combustion isn’t the most appealing option to some.

For those who aren’t smokers or who are new to smoking, smoking weed can be an unpleasant experience for a number of reasons.

Read on and I’ll give you some information on other ways to consume cannabis besides smoking it.

healthier ways to use cannabis without smoking

How to Use Cannabis Without Smoking

There are a variety of reasons someone might not want to smoke marijuana.

The act of combusting and inhaling smoke can be harsh on the lungs. And some argue that smoking marijuana isn’t the healthiest way to get the benefits of cannabis.

While the common inclusion of tobacco will definitely bring down the benefits of cannabis, the process of combustion is said to release harmful toxins into your body as well.

Others who use cannabis, or who are interested, may also not like the taste of smoking marijuana. Some may want a more discreet way to consume cannabis altogether.

Here are some other ways you can use marijuana that doesn’t involve smoking it.

Try Vaporizing To Use Cannabis Without “Smoking” It

Vaporizing is steadily rising in popularity as a healthier alternative to smoking marijuana.

Dry-herb vaporizers, to be exact, are a cost-effective way to medicate without having to light up. Instead of combustion, vaporizers use hot air that changes the cannabinoids into a vapour that can be smoked.

You can also stretch your product further with vaporizers since most sessions only require a little at a time.

Both smaller portable vaporizers are available for meditating on the go, while larger at-home devices are available as well (like the famous volcano).

What’s great about vaporizing is that since you’re not burning your stash, you can use the already-been-vaped (ABV) for more cannabis consumables too!

use ice cream as a way to use cannabis without smoking

Edible Snacks and Candies

Speaking of which, another common way to use weed without smoking it is by consuming edibles.

Cannabis can be baked into cookies, squares and of course, brownies. But why stop there? A ton of chefs have gone and modernized the way cannabis can be infused as well. So don’t be afraid to get crafty.

Consuming edibles also gives a different high than smoking (more of a body high) but benefits are still effective.

Edibles also take some time to set in. If you’re not accustomed to this method, be sure to start with small doses. (Ps. don’t eat the whole cookie!).

Here’s a recipe for cannabis infused ice-cream.

Cannabis Infused Beverages

When most people think edibles, they might not think about weed tea or smoothies too. These beverages are another way to consume cannabis without smoking.

My mother herself enjoys using marijuana tea as an alternative to smoking weed for her own conditions.

Consuming cannabis in beverages is a lot like eating edibles. The effects will be delayed by around thirty minutes at least.

While I prefer a cozy cup of cannabis-infused chamomile tea or hot chocolate, you can find recipes for cannabis milkshakes, coffee, and even cocktails to help you decide on the beverage that’s right for you.

There are also companies that provide pre-packaged cannabis-infused teas and beverages – be sure to check your local laws and regulations.

Capsules (Cannabis Pills)

Cannabis capsules could be a great option for those who have trouble with dosage. Cannabis capsules are rising in popularity as a way to use weed without smoking it.

Not only does this method mean you won’t have to guess or measure out your dose, but it’s also a more discreet option.

Cannabis capsules are a convenient option for those who rather not have to do any preparations before consuming.

While using cannabis pills can be quick and effortless, the effects do take longer to feel like with other edibles.

oils can help use cannabis without smoking

Cannabis Oils and Tinctures

Cannabis oil can be taken as another way to use cannabis without smoking.

You can find cannabis oils as well as tinctures with THC, CBD or a combination of the two.

Oils, especially tinctures, can be taken under the tongue or can be used in other forms of edibles.

Some cannabis oils and tinctures are often more potent than cannabis flower. Dosing with an eye-dropper is an easy way to control your doses though.

Lotions and Other Topicals

If you’re using cannabis for pain relief, others have found using lotions, balms, and other topicals a beneficial alternative to smoking marijuana.

If you want to avoid consuming marijuana altogether, but still want the benefits this would be up your alley.

These creams, gels, and lubricants work by absorbing into your skin to add relief without having the ‘high’ experience.

It’s also becoming more common to find CBD lotions and topicals since CBD is known for its inflammatory reducing properties.

Check out the various types of cannabis and CBD lotions available here.

How do you use cannabis without smoking?