After cannabis legalization, you can expect to see more cannabis lounges in North America. Here are some classic and new weed cafes currently worth checking out.

This article was supposed to be about cannabis lounges in Canada, but considering cannabis laws, there aren’t that many at the time.

The same goes for the United States. So I decided to make a general list of cannabis lounges in North America.

It’s not hard to find a club or bar to enjoy a night on the town, but cannabis lounges and cafes are a more fitting place for enthusiasts to unwind.

Expect to be ID’d (check the age requirements for each province). But you can benefit from pretty much no lines, no dress code and low cover fees at most cannabis lounges.

Cannabis lounges have been an infamous staple in some North American cities. And after cannabis legalization, you can expect to see more on the rise.

Here’s a list of some classic favourites as well as up and coming cannabis lounges in North America that are worth the visit. 

cannabis lounges canada

What is a cannabis lounge?

Cannabis lounges are 420-positive spaces where you can consume marijuana in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. (Much like the coffee shops in Amsterdam).

What Can I Expect at a Cannabis Lounge?

Depending on where you go, you can expect a pretty relaxed vibe from most cannabis lounges.

Expect to be ID’d (check the age requirements for each province), but you can benefit from pretty much zero lines, no dress code and low cover fees at most cannabis lounges too!

Due to current laws, most cannabis lounges are BYOC (bring your own cannabis) or BYOB (bring your own bud). That is unless there’s a dispensary attached.

So what do you get from a cannabis lounge?

  • Use of vaporizers
  • Use of bongs, pipes, rigs etc.
  • Food, snacks and beverages (depending on venue)
  • Special events
  • Non-judgemental environment

(Speaking of vaporizers, a lot of cannabis lounges in North America are actually vapour lounges due to specific laws in certain regions.)

Cannabis Lounges and The Law

Cannabis laws both in Canada and the United States are still getting tweaked and finalized as legalization spreads. 

While cannabis is legal in Canada and some US states, there are still a lot of limits on where cannabis users can publically consume marijuana. 

There are more retailers, business owners, and enthusiasts who have their eyes set on the cannabis lounge/cannabis cafe market, and rightly so.

Enthusiasts and consumers are wanting a social environment to smoke much like how we have plenty of social venues for drinking. 

Some areas are opening up to the idea though; and with more talks about cannabis cafes, we’re sure to see a rise in the near future (maybe).

Best Cannabis Lounges in North America (Right Now)

Now that you know a bit more about cannabis lounges, where can you find one?

(Since laws and regulations are changing now more than ever, you can expect this list to change as well!)

Where to Find Cannabis Lounges: Canada

Oh, cannabis!

cannabis lounge toronto
Toronto, ON

Cannabis Lounges Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s biggest province in terms of population, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find a number of cannabis lounges here.

Hot Box Cafe 

204 Augusta Ave. Kensington Market, Toronto

This local favourite has been around since “AH – I forget”, and Hot Box Cafe can expect to see new customers post-prohibition.

Fittingly situated in the bohemian-esque Kensington Market, the colourful entryway into Hot Box Cafe gives off a relaxed vibe from the start. 

This is a BYOC cafe with a $4.20 minimum. They have menu items like salads and ‘stonerwiches’ to spend that on when the munchies kick in. 

It’s a welcoming space with a ton of tools available for use including bongs, pipes, vaporizers and dab rigs. While smoking isn’t allowed inside, they have an outdoor patio readily accessible to smokers.

You’ll want to stay a while with board games, video games, and $1 billiards available, as well as a line-up of events throughout the week.

Vapor Central

667 Yonge St, Toronto

Another classic hotspot a bit more centrally located, Vapor Central has been alive and thriving in the cannabis community since 2007. 

You’ll need a membership and your own stash to participate at Vapor Central but you’ll have access to a large variety of vaporizers. 

As the name suggests, guests are only allowed to use vaporizers inside the property, and Vapor Central prohibits the use of joints, bongs or anything smokable. 

Events are offered throughout the week including comedy night and Stoner Bingo.

Cannabis Lounges in British Colombia

British Colombia is known to be the province of the bud in Canada with weed sprouting up like well … weeds on the west coast.

Here are some weed cafes to stop into while in beautiful British Colombia.

New Amsterdam Cafe

301 W Hastings St – Vancouver

Modelled after the world famous coffee shops in Amsterdam, this cafe and vapour bar is pretty famous itself!

Operating since 2000, this smoke-friendly cafe features an extensive menu with warm and cold beverages, sandwiches and other coffee shop staples. 

The environment is of course, laid-back and welcoming, but the atmosphere is quite inviting, resembling your typical coffee shop.

You’ll find it conveniently next to the Cannabis Culture headquarters, so you’ll know you’re in the right place. They have papers, bongs, and vaporizers for guests ready-to-use!

Cannabis Culture Lounge

307 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC

When you’re done feeling out the European vibe at New Amsterdam, take a short trot to Cannabis Culture, founded by the “Prince of Pot” himself, Marc Emery. 

This lounge also has a relaxed, coffee shop vibe with comfortable sofas to kick back on and small munchies to choose.

A $5.00 fee is charged hourly though vaporizer and dab rig rentals are included in the rate. CC Lounge is also BYOBud.

cannabis lounge vancouver

Cannabis Lounges in Nova Scotia 

The High Life Social Club

5982 Spring Garden Road, 2nd Floor, Halifax

Also inspired by cannabis lifestyle in Amsterdam, The High Life combines Canada’s east coast vibe with European inspiration. 

This vapour lounge and cafe has a relaxed vibe and that great east coast hospitality; they also offer up an assortment of munchies, and beverages as well as a variety of events and themed nights.

Pop in for yoga, comedy or even trivia and have a laugh with some friends and the staff. 

Be prepared to have your ID checked, and while you won’t be able to smoke a joint, vaping is, of course, allowed.

Where to Find Cannabis Lounges in The United States

Red, white, and green? The US struggles with its own set of rules and regulations for legal states, but that doesn’t mean they’re not after the same thing when it comes to public spaces to consume cannabis.

Below are the cannabis lounges in the United States that are currently thriving.

Cannabis Lounges in California 

California has some of the trendiest looking cannabis lounges outside of Europe. 

Harvest on Geary

4811 Geary Blvd, San Francisco 

Think a cannabis lounge inside of a Pottery Barn; this modern dispensary lends their sleek, trendy design to their lounge that will make any up and coming bar envious.

Sink into comfy, cushy sofas under fancy chandeliers and take advantage of their complimentary smoking and vaporizing tools.

What’s best is that it’s connected next to the Harvest dispensary so you can indulge straight away – great for an after-work pick-me-up.

You’ll find weekly events every month, and they offer up their space for rent if you feel like organizing a comfortable, cannabis-friendly event. 

Urban Pharm

122 10th St, San Francisco

Urban Pharm is the cannabis lounge answer to a hipster bar, decorated with a woodsy-industrial steam-punk vibe in an inviting atmosphere.

With a dispensary on-site, you won’t be required (or able) to bring your own cannabis, but considering the owners are Cannabis Cup winners, I’m sure their bud is fine to try.

Boasting of the city’s only dab bar, their lounge is spacious and their customer service top notch.

With an open-flame license, you won’t have to worry about having limitations on lighting up here either.

Barbary Coast Lounge

952 Mission St, San Francisco

The outside looks like your everyday pub while the inside carries that classic feel with charms of the twenties thanks to its velvet, leather and wood decor.

With a cannabis dispensary in the front, it will be easy to get recommendations on what to try, and they have smoking accessories and devices readily available in their dab bar and lounge.

That being said, you won’t be allowed to BYOC here. You will, however, have a spacious, welcoming, and pretty damn classy environment to relax and have a session in.

cannabis lounge san francisco

Cannabis Lounges in Colorado

The Coffee Joint

1130 Yuma Ct, Denver

This is a place I would continuously hang out at if it was in my neighbourhood. This friendly neighbourhood cannabis cafe reminds me of a board game cafe with a 420-friendly twist.

Quaint and cozy without too many frills, you probably won’t feel unwelcomed thanks to staff steadily praised by customers.

Cannabis is welcome on-site, and they have a variety of educational items available, as well as some CBD products as well.

They have events too! They include senior days and video game night which are all usually updated on their calendar.

Tetra Lounge

3039 Walnut St, Denver

This private lounge and garden brings some exclusivity to Denver with a mandatory pre-registration process and fee before entering.

Once accepted though, guests will have access to a cannabis positive social environment with a relaxed vibe in the art district.

You’ll also have access to a dab bar, vaporizer, bongs, rigs and other accessories available on-site. 

Tetra is known for its chill and friendly atmosphere with artwork displayed around the industrial venue. 

Guests are welcome to bring up to an ounce of ‘consumables’ and are invited to stick around for their nightly events.

Speakeasy Cannabis Club and Vapour Lounge

2508 E Bijou St, Colorado Springs

A more ‘homestyle’ environment than the two options listed above, Colorado’s Speakeasy Cannabis Club and Vapour Lounge has a very relaxed environment. 

Advertised as the place for the ‘cannabis indulging traveller’ you’ll find a full menu of tex-mex options from their restaurant menu, and everything you need to indulge in a session or five.

This cannabis lounge offers weekly events like open mic and comedy as well.

Cannabis Lounges in Oregon

Northwest Cannabis Club

 1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland

Featuring a 50 ft. dab bar, Northwest Cannabis Club in Portland has it all from volcanoes to foosball.

This relaxing environment has a homey vibe and the main focus here is to chill. NW Cannabis Club has a huge outdoor terrace too where you can enjoy a smoke if vaporizing isn’t your style.

A lifetime membership is just $20, making it cheap and easy to find a sociable place in Oregan to consume cannabis.

Guests have been impressed so far with this BYOC lounge, carrying a world of activities to enjoy and special nights dedicated to music and performances. 

cannabis lounges america

This list will probably grow and change as time moves on so let me know if there are any lounges worth mentioning!

What are your favourite cannabis lounges in North America?