The Montreal Cannabis Expo takes place annually in the city's downtown core. Is it worth the visit? Is it for all cannabis lovers? Read our experience to find out.

Cannabis legalization in Canada has led to more cannabis events appearing across the country. One such event is the annual Montreal Cannabis Expo.

The Montreal Cannabis Expo takes place in “la belle province” and we were granted access so we can give you all the details.

This article has everything you need to know about the Montreal Cannabis Expo and our experience in 2019.

Is it worth the visit? Read on to find out!

Montreal Cannabis Expo entrance banner
Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019 ©TheHighBlog

What Is The Montreal Cannabis Expo?

The Montreal Cannabis Expo (or Expo Cannabis de Montreal en francais) is titled as “Quebec’s premier event for the cannabis industry”.

Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019

Place Bonaventure, Montreal, QC

Thurs Oct 3rd (10 am to 4 pm) and Fri Oct 4th (10 am to 5 pm).

The event is presented by Cannamedical Pharma and National Event Management. It’s also hosted by Quebec’s own Jean-Phillipe Turgeon.

Turgeon hails from the entertainment industry as an experienced event manager, but he is also partnered with Natur Medic.

Turgeon opened Natur Medic with his spouse in the town of Magog, Quebec. It’s said to be one of Quebec’s first medical cannabis clinics

What the Montreal Cannabis Expo Has to Offer

The Montreal Cannabis Expo states that it is “the place to learn and share everything there is to know about the cannabis industry”.

A glimpse at the floor of the Montreal Cannabis Expo tradeshow
Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019 ©TheHighBlog

The expo features over 150 exhibitors, a full-day conference, a mini-conference, and a networking cocktail event. Basically, it’s a two-day tradeshow for cannabis businesses.

2019 Admission Costs:

$50 (Tradeshow pass)

$100 (Tradeshow & Cocktail Party)

$220 (Mini-conference & tradeshow pass)

$300 (Full day conference, tradeshow pass, lunch and coffee break)

You can also find presentations on show stages featuring brands like Aurora and GardaWorld. They cover topics from marketing to security and are included with the tradeshow pass.

Attendees include licensed producers, growers, investors, job-seekers and media. The event provides a space to sell and showcase cannabis products and services,

They’ve also advertised the medical cannabis industry, inviting guests to get and share information or solutions about health and cannabis for chronic pain and other ailments.

“This is a must-attend event for anyone working in cannabis, or looking to get involved in the space” – Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019

The Montreal Cannabis Expo and Magic Competition
Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019 ©TheHighBlog

The Two Day Experience

Place Bonaventure is a common venue for events like tradeshows and conferences, with the Montreal Cannabis Expo being held next door to a Magic competition.

The Vibe

Entering the event was casual (no line-up or grand security check), with registration on-site and a $3.00 coat check. The first day at the Montreal Cannabis Expo was pretty quiet (besides speakers playing random pop music).

Most people attended the expo in business or business-casual attire, with very few casually-dressed attendees.

You kind of get a sense of business upon entering but people and attire were a bit more casual on the second day of the expo.

The Exhibitors

Most booths are simple, ranging from growing gear and security equipment to airlines and insurance companies.

Even with over 150 exhibitors, this tradeshow seemed more “intimate” than others. While this also made it easier to navigate, depending on what you’re going for, this show won’t take a long time to get through.

Checking out booths on the first day, most people seemed simply ready to sell and do business, not really engaged by anything else. Some information from companies seemed lacking, while some brand representatives seemed disinterested.

A growing booth at the Montreal Cannabis Expo
Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019 ©TheHighBlog

That said, expo attendees were a little more lively on Friday, and we were able to connect with a couple of like-minded brands.


We did not attend the conferences or presentations so we can’t comment on that, but two stages were set up at two ends of the show. They had a schedule and seating allowing attendees to casually enter and exit small seminars.

Most shows are accompanied by slideshows and powerpoints with one individual speaker. Passing by some seminars, there were a few that seemed to offer valuable information about cannabis and the industry.


If you’re coming to the Montreal Cannabis Expo for networking opportuntiies you may find some success.

There are a variety of spaces to chat with folks from the cocktail event to the smoking section outside.

It might be hard to pinpoint just who is worth talking to at an event like this, but if you keep an eye (or ear) out, you can find some gems.

Who Should Attend the Montreal Cannabis Expo

A presentation stage at the Montreal Cannabis Expo
Presentation stage at the Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019 ©TheHighBlog

One thing’s for sure, this event isn’t for everyone. Even if you’re crazily enthused about cannabis, this might not be the event for you.

If you have a cannabis business (production, retail, equipment etc) the Montreal Cannabis Expo will certainly have some opportunities. There’s even a number of interesting things for growers.

If you’re also awesome at networking and are looking for more business connections in the cannabis industry, this event may be right up your alley. For the cost of the tradeshow ticket, it might be worth it.

Who Should Skip The Event

However, if you’re more enthralled with cannabis consumption, culture and lifestyle, there may only be a few things that will catch your eye at the Montreal Cannabis Expo.

This might not be worth the trip or the cost of an expo ticket.

While some medicinal companies seemed to have been in attendance, I found it hard to gather information on how best to use cannabis for chronic pain.

So, if you’re looking for medical advice, it may not be worth it to put emphasis on attending this event.

To Roll This Up

The Montreal Cannabis Expo is certainly reflective of where the corporate cannabis industry is today.

Best saved for those who are hungry for canna-business, this event offers a chance for those who are newer to the industry to show off their wares.

Montreal Cannabis Expo Tradeshow Overview
Montreal Cannabis Expo 2019 ©TheHighBlog

While those curious about cannabis might not gain enough information on their own, those inquisitive about cannabis business specifically will find a representation of corporate businesses breaking (and trying to break) into the industry.

All that said, if you have the time and cash to attend, keep an eye out for the gems in attendance.

Will you be attending the next Montreal Cannabis Expo?