The two behind the Hush-Kush brand continue to promote Montreal cannabis lifestyle in an environmentally friendly way. Here's how.

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Montreal has long been a place for cannabis advocacy. You could say Montreal’s cannabis lifestyle is ingrained in the city.

Not only does Montreal have ties to the political party “Bloc Pot“, but it’s also known for hosting one of the smokiest 420 celebrations in the country.

While legalization hasn’t been the greatest for consumers and enthusiasts, there is still a whole lot of cannabis action happening in the city.

From innovative accessories to inclusive tours, Montreal plays a big role in cannabis lifestyle.

Montreal Cannabis Lifestyle

Whenever I return to Montreal, the sweet scent of cannabis welcomes me home.

Montreal has always seemed more open to cannabis than some other Canadian cities. It’s not rare to smell weed or see a joint, even before legalization.

Legalization has since brought on tougher regulations for consumers and businesses involved with cannabis. Some laws even stop businesses from advertising anything to do with cannabis.

Does that mean there’s no space for cannabis in Montreal? Absolutely not.

The Montreal Cannabis Lifestyle Industry

Fortunately, there are some responsible people who keep Montreal cannabis lifestyle exciting. We had a chance to chat with them and hear their stories.

We learned that through ideas like modern accessories and tourism, the Montreal cannabis lifestyle industry shines.

Meet Karine Clément from Hush-Kush

Karine Clément along with her partner, cousin and BFF Héloïse Fortier, had always wanted to start a business since they were 6-years old. They wouldn’t get their big break until a trip to Laos sparked a ‘highly’ unique idea.

Hush-Kush makes Montreal cannabis lifestyle accessories
Courtesy: Hush-Kush

In the Laos jungle, they found a sticky cloth sheet, made out of beeswax. While it was used by an older woman to keep cheese and vegetables fresh, Karine and Héloïse knew this creation could do so much more.

“We didn’t want to start a business with simple plastic to make money. We wanted to create something that would make a positive impact on the world. Something biodegradable. Something that helps people. We also wanted to use our creativity. We’re both artistic and wanted to put our little touch on our company. “Karine (Hush-Kush)

Together, after many trials, Karine and Héloïse elevated the original recipe to their current (and very secret) Perma-B technology.

We can’t tell you what’s in it. It’s a secret like Caramilk. We use all-natural ingredients, just heated at specific temperatures. We discovered a few ingredients that we could add to it that could make our material smell-proof. The beeswax makes it waterproof.Karine (Hush-Kush)

Karine and Héloïse wanted to create something special with their new technology. When a friend mentioned it would be perfect for carrying weed, it sparked the idea for the Hush-Kush Bag.

Karine and Heloise founders of Montreal lifestyle cannabis company Hush-Kush
Karine & Héloïse – Founders of Hush-Kush (Courtesy: Hush-Kush)

Montreal Cannabis Lifestyle Accessories That Promote a Healthy Environment

Hush-Kush still uses beeswax as a main ingredient. However, their upgraded recipe is less sticky.

The Hush-Kush bag is also waterproof, UV proof, smell-proof, washable, anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

“We saw legalization coming up and wanted to improve our recipe. Everyone was making bongs and pipes, but we knew there would definitely be a problem with plastic in the industry.” – Karine (Hush-Kush)

innovative product from the Montreal cannabis lifestyle community
Courtesy: Hush-Kush

They noticed no one else was using biodegradable products for cannabis transportation. So the recipe was adjusted until they arrived at their current product.

Each pouch is designed to carry both joints and dry flower, and users can fit about five to seven joints inside (though Karine has a friend that can fit 10!).

As for the design? It’s totally inclusive, reflecting the personalities of cannabis users both male and female.

“For the design, we wanted to make something that would reach everyone, not just the stereotype of the smoker in his basement playing games. We wanted to make something for men and women that they could be proud of. Not just something with ‘peace and love and Jamaican flags.” Karine (Hush-Kush)

The designs and the pouches are all hand-crafted in-house in Quebec. In fact, Karine and Héloïse have made a machine specifically for their creations. This is a welcomed addition to the team after previously creating each bag one by one.

all-natural Montreal cannabis lifestyle accesories
Courtesy: Hush-Kush

“This machine can make Perma-B in big quantities. The goal is to reach a reasonable price so everyone can afford it and switch to a biodegradable product.” Karine (Hush-Kush)

The Future of Cannabis Lifestyle with Hush-Kush

While the machine means the company is growing, the Perma-B technology is also growing in popularity.

While Karine and Héloïse hope to keep their attention on the cannabis industry. That doesn’t mean they haven’t lent their idea to other projects.

montreal cannabis lifestyle brand hush-kush feature
Courtesy: Hush-Kush

The Perma-B technology found in Hush-Kush pouches has also been used to create durable baby bibs, lunch material for local events, and for transporting valuable herbs beyond cannabis.

As for Hush-Kush, they continue to partner with Montreal cannabis lifestyle brands and others, designing personalized pouches.

Where to Buy Hush-Kush Bags?

Karine and Héloïse have been able to get Hush-Kush bags on the shelves of retailers around the globe including local head shops and the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Hush-Kush bags are also available online through their website.

This article is part one of a two-part series. Stay tuned for part two!